A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3086

Although the arrival of this little life brought a lot of joy to the Ye family, Ye Ximei and others also liked the child very much.
But no matter how you like it, you have to return the child to the parents.
They are all parents, and they know how important children are to their parents.
While Ye Ximei and others were chatting, Ye Fan’s figure had already appeared in the Ye Family Courtyard.
The young man here walked slowly with no expression on his face.
The moonlight shone on him, casting a haze on the ground.
“Brother Fan, what’s wrong?”
“How do I feel a little lost.”
“I don’t know, you thought that Brother Fan was dumped?”
Seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, Ye Jian raised his eyebrows and said with some doubts.
“What nonsense?”
“Our Xiaofan is a big man.”
“How many women are crying and crying to marry Xiao Fan, to our Ye family, so that they can rise to the top.”
“In this world, there is only our Xiaofan who dumps others. How can anyone dump him?”
Ye Xilan said proudly.
As the saying goes, one person can ascend to heaven.
Because of Ye Fan, their entire Ye family has undoubtedly become the leading family in Jiangdong.
In the past, people like Ye Xilan, Ye Tian, ​​and Ye Ya rapped and worshipped three times with generous gifts, and you couldn’t see Lei San of Jingzhou.
But now, during the holidays, San Ye, who was unattainable in the past, has to come over respectfully to express his condolences to Elder Ye.
It is precisely because of this that Ye Fan already has a very high status in the hearts of the Ye Family.
Even Ye Jian, who once saw Ye Fan displeased him, now sees Ye Fan, and he honestly calls him brother.
“Xiao Fan, you came just right.”
“Sit down and eat together.”
“Auntie, go get you bowls and chopsticks~”
While speaking, Ye Xilan had already got up and pulled Ye Fan into a seat, and then set Ye Fan with tableware.
Ye Fan just nodded, and then began to eat silently, without saying a word.
“Xiao Fan, what’s the matter with you?”
“Does it come to mind, who is this child’s mother?”
Ye Xilan asked cautiously.
“I said, this child is not mine, who is her mother, and what is it to me?” Ye Fan replied coldly.
The appearance of Tang Yun made Ye Fan’s calm heart extremely upset.
Reason told him that now is the best time to kill Tang Yun.
Although he and Tang Yun only got along for a few minutes just now, Ye Fan could feel that Tang Yun is extremely weak now.
Killing her yourself is almost a piece of cake.
As long as Tang Yun died, Chu Sect’s overall strength would be weakened by at least 50%.
At that time, he stepped out of the plan of the Chu family, and the success rate would also be greatly improved.
But why, I just can’t do it!
Back then, he Tang Yun tried to kill himself, why was he so unbelievable?
Thinking of this, Ye Fan clenched his palm tightly, his fingertips sinking into flesh and blood.
“Since it’s not yours, you have to find someone’s parents and send the child there.”
“Xiao Fan, you have a wide range of knowledge, you can let someone find it.”
“Even though I didn’t see that person’s face that day, but that kind of dusty temperament, this Jiangdong is afraid that few will have it.”
“It should be easy to find.”
“By the way, you can adjust the surveillance on the road. See if you can get it.”
“She wears a purple dress, a white veil, and long black hair. These characteristics are very obvious.”
“Although this mother didn’t know the reason for sending the child, since it has nothing to do with our Ye family, then the child should be returned to others.” Ye Ximei said softly.
When Ye Fan heard it, his whole body trembled.
He suddenly raised his head and looked directly at his mother: “Mom, what did you just say?”
“You said that the child’s mother wears a purple dress and her face is covered with veil?”

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