A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3088

All this, the only explanation is that this child was born to her by Tang Yun.
“But, when, when is it?”
Ye Fan was upset, and began to crazily recall his past with Tang Yun.
He and Tang Yun have only known each other for only two years, and the time to get along is not long. The only physical contact was when he was in the old house of the Chu family.
However, Ye Fan clearly remembered that his closest behavior with Tang Yun at that time was nothing more than a touch of dementia.
Is it possible that kissing can give birth to children?
If this is the case, then Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng are afraid that their children would have been in groups!
“Could it be that time?”
Just when Ye Fan was puzzled, he suddenly remembered the matter of swallowing the fire spirit fruit repair chain in the cave before.
There has been a record in the Yundao Tianshu that the fire spirit fruit is a thing of the strong to the yang, with majestic energy, the person of refining will die for nine years, and the person who is not the strong should not refining. If refining is forced, it will be dangerous
In times of difficulty, a woman can be found to reconcile yin and yang, and perhaps she can escape.
“Could it be that I actually failed to refine the Fire Spirit Fruit that time?”
“In the end, it was Tang Yun’s dedication to reconcile yin and yang, so that I could refining smoothly?”
Thinking of this, Ye Fan could only give initiation, and many things suddenly became clear.
No wonder, after waking up that time, Tang Yun disappeared without a trace.
No wonder, on the stone platform, there will be a red blood stain like a rose.
No wonder, in the land of Jingzhou, there will be a sudden vision, with such a majestic fire energy burst.
Also, no wonder Tang Yun is so weak.
One by one, Ye Fan had figured it all out.
That child was conceived by him and Tang Yun.
Because it inherited a part of the power of the Fire Spirit Fruit, it would cause such destruction when it was born.
“Why don’t you say it?”
“Why don’t you tell me~”
“This stupid woman, why are you hiding from me?”
“If something happens to you, you let me Chu Tianfan, how safe is this life?”
Ye Fan was anxious and his eyes were red as blood.
While groaning in his heart, he rushed madly in the direction where Tang Yun was before.
The night is cold and the moonlight is like water.
In the only remaining courtyard, the beautiful lady who had been sitting cross-legged in meditation slowly opened her eyes.
However, even after a day of meditation, her complexion is still not much better.
Although Tang Yun knew that her wayward behavior would temporarily reduce her cultivation.
However, she never expected that she would drop so much.
Moreover, Tang Yun felt that not only the reduction in cultivation level, but also the mental strength and physical strength, Tang Yun felt weakened by a few percent.
Now standing up, Tang Yun felt a little powerless, and her eyes turned black for a while.
“No, I have to leave as soon as possible.”
“If you don’t leave, Ye Qingtian should be here~”
Despite her physical weakness, it was not enough to support Tang Yun’s long journey.
But the current situation has forced her to leave.
She already felt that the crisis was getting closer.
Once Yanxia Wushen Temple found her, Yanxia’s titled powerhouse would definitely not let her go.
In the end, Tang Yun gritted his teeth and stood up.
She opened the door, and there was an endless night and darkness beyond reach.
For a moment, Tang Yun was stunned.
Tears flowed down uncontrollably.
For the first time in her life, this majestic and majestic woman felt lonely, helpless and scared.
No matter how strong a woman is, at this time, she will be eager to lean on and protect her.
However, when she needed company and warmth most, she was only accompanied by darkness and cold wind.
No one asks me how warm the porridge is, no one stands with me at dusk!
No one knows what kind of sadness is in Tang Yun’s heart at this time.

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It seems the author is determined to make Ye Fan’s roads rough. He surrounds him with strong and beautiful female characters. Ye Fan , though not sensual, keeps empowering the female characters, given them reasons to love and serve him. Even when they know he is married, they still love him without measure. Let us see how he is going to extricate himself from them.

What makes me sad is that something might happen to Tang Yun and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, I fall in love with her and her temperament, Ye Fan please protect her even thou God of War is there

The problem with these martial artist with god like power they are so full of pride and instead of asking reasonable question they start talking with sarcasm and answer with sarcasm!!but anyway nice story and twist!!!

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