A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3089

Sometimes, Tang Yun also wondered, is it worth abandoning principles and nobility to give birth to him?
Obviously, it is impossible between himself and him. But why, I still have to leave this bad relationship with him.
Didn’t you find yourself in such a field in the end?
However, whenever Tang Yun felt regret in her heart, she would think of her child’s innocent face.
The face that was carved out of jade, the big eyes that flickered like stars, and the pure smile without a trace of blemish.
Really, Tang Yun’s heart melted at the first sight of that little life.
I just feel that everything I have paid is worth it.
There is such a maternal love hidden deep in the soul of every woman.
It is cold and majestic like the master of Chumen, no exception.
The hard work of pregnancy in October and the pain of childbirth are destined to make every mother love her child deeply.
Even Tang Yun!
However, nostalgia, what can we do?
Tang Yun knew her identity and it was impossible to raise this child by herself.
Think about it, too, the magnificent master of Chumen, the first in the sky, and the female emperor of today’s martial arts world, actually raised children for life?
If this matter is spread, not to mention the collapse of Tang Yun’s own image, it will be the reputation of Truman, and it will definitely be damaged.
At that time, the whole Truman will also become a joke.
It is conceivable that Tang Yun will not only tolerate the strange eyes of the audience. It is estimated that the high-level elders in Chumen will not let Tang Yun go. The first thing to kill is probably Tang.
The child of Yun, and then the father of that child.
The first sect in the world, how can such stains exist?
The only way is to obliterate all relevant people!
Therefore, if the child follows Tang Yun, the probability of survival is basically zero.
Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, she quietly came to Jiangdong, just to give the child to the Ye family to raise the child after the pregnancy. Then, he left without knowing it.
However, Tang Yun had countless calculations, but never expected that the birth of that little life would have caused such a big disturbance, and it would have caused such a big disruption to Ye Fan’s hometown.
It’s bad, and the consumption of myself is so huge.
The inheritance of life is really not easy.
Even though Tang Yun was already on top of her strength, she still had to experience life and death when faced with such things.
Outside the door, Tang Yun stood there, looking up in the direction of Jingzhou, looking for a long time.
After a long time, she blinked and squeezed out the sparkling points in her eyebrows.
All the previous helplessness and weakness disappeared on her beautiful and graceful face.
Instead, there is a kind of majesty and coolness that belongs to the superior.
“Ye Fan, it’s over.”
“Back then, at the top of the rainforest, it was Tang Yun who owed you my debt.”
“This time, I fully paid off the debt I owed you back then.”
“So far, I, Tang Yun, will never owe you again.”
“From now on, I will either disappear; or goodbye, the sword will face each other, life and death will face each other.”
The icy wind rolled up the wind and sand all over the sky.
Under the sky, that stunning and intoxicating shadow stands out from the world.
The abundance in his brows and eyes is cold as ice.
That dazzling and frightening Chu Clan master is back again!
In fact, before meeting Ye Fan again, Tang Yun still had some tenderness towards Ye Fan in her heart.
After all, Ye Fan was the first and only man to have a close relationship with her.
Similarly, he is also the only one who spares his life in order to guard her and protect her.
Tang Yun walked alone all her life, all alone.
There are countless undead under him, and many pursuers behind him.
But no one, like Ye Fan, has treated her desperately so well.

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