A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 314

“It deserves it too!”
“The old man dare to disobey?”
“The wings of this Qiu Mucheng are really hard.”
“This kind of rebellious person should indeed be driven out of the Qiu family.”
“It’s life or death, and it has nothing to do with the Qiu family.”
Qiu Guang was expressionless and hummed in a deep voice.
Jiang Hong, Qiu Mucheng’s second aunt, sneered even more wanton.
“This family doesn’t have much ability, but they are very dragged on weekdays.”
“This time, without the asylum of the Qiu family, how can I see their family’s life?”
“I just hope that when they are begging along the street, they don’t say that their surname is Qiu, and that the province is ashamed of us.”
All the people in the house looked on with cold eyes and sneered. First URL m.
Especially seeing Han Li and his wife crying father and mother yelling at Qiu Mucheng for being stupid, I felt an inexplicable pleasure in my heart.
Their favorite scene, but that’s all.
It’s like looking at a joke.
After all, the youngest family is most unbearable on weekdays, and almost none of the Qiu family can afford them.
The third child of Qiu was mediocre and incompetent, and the only daughter in the family was married to a waste.
Who cares about this kind of family?
But this autumn Mucheng’s family had such a miserable ending, naturally no one was helping to speak, they all watched coldly, and even some people were still gloating for misfortune.
“Dad, you can’t be so cruel~”
“Mucheng is your granddaughter, can’t you drive her away?”
“In the future, we don’t even have financial resources. Dad, do you really want to starve us to death?” Qiulei was kneeling and begging to his old father at this time.
Father Qiu kicked Qiulei aside: “I care about your life and death?”
“This is a good girl you raised. Today’s ending is also her choice.”
“I gave her a chance, but what about her?”
“Not only against f952b1ce me, but also against the entire Qiu family.”
“Isn’t she spine? Isn’t she capable? Didn’t she keep saying that she didn’t want to stay at the Qiu’s house anymore, then get out?”
“Let me see what she can do if she leaves the Qiu family!”
Old man Qiu was full of anger, shaking with anger.
Obviously, Qiu Mucheng’s previous words undoubtedly completely angered Father Qiu.
“My Qiu family will eat and wear for you. I have raised your family as waste for decades.”
“As a result, I scold my mother while eating milk!”
“Unexpectedly, my Qiu family finally raised your white-eyed wolf!”
The old man Qiu scolded angrily, his low voice echoing only like muffled thunder.
However, the old man Qiu only talked about the contribution of the Qiu Family to the Qiu Mucheng, but did not mention the contribution of the Qiu Mucheng to the Qiu Family at all.
Yes, all these autumn Mucheng’s wages were indeed taken from the Qiu family, but they were all rewards made by her hard work, and she had never taken a cent from the Qiu family.
Moreover, without Qiu Mucheng, how could their previous license be obtained so quickly? If there was no Qiu Mucheng, how could they have cooperated with Hongqi Group today, and couldn’t even get loans.
However, Qiu Mucheng didn’t say these words, and didn’t want to say any more.
What’s the point? Anyway, I have decided not to stay in the Qiu’s house anyway, so let them slander him.
Whether she is a white-eyed wolf, or she is brazen, she can’t control others, the only thing she can do is to have a clear conscience!
Before leaving, Qiu Mucheng turned her head, her flushed eyes looked at the old man Qiu ahead, and even the entire Qiu family. The choking with a firm voice echoed in the entire Qiu family hall in an instant.
“Grandpa, and uncles and aunts, no matter how you look at me, Qiu Mucheng.”
“However, my Qiu Mucheng has no conscience for the Qiu family!”
“I don’t owe the Qiu family, let alone any of you~”
The words scorched like a golden stone, echoing in everyone’s ears.
Qiu Mucheng immediately turned around and left with Ye Fan.
Behind him, there was only a curse from the Qiu family.
“Oh, you have a clear conscience, so you don’t owe anyone~”
“If that’s the case, get out of here!”
“Never come back~”
“Even if your family starves to death on the street, my Qiu family will never give you a bite of food!”
“Go away~”
In the hall, everyone’s angry and harsh curses echoed endlessly.
However, at this moment, the door of the old house was pushed open.
In an instant, countless luxury cars came to a halt.
Immediately afterwards, one by one, all business elites dressed in formal attire and ties walked in.
Like a black torrent, rolling in, amidst everyone’s shocked and violent eyes, they walked forward directly.

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