A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3192

It was very strange to see the sound of people in Yunwu Lake near my home.
“Who knows this?”
“Just go in and take a look.”
A middle-aged man next to him replied casually.
Then, the couple walked directly in and squeezed forward hard.
“Squeeze what?”
“Are you going to reincarnate?”
Suddenly, a group of scolding arose.
Hearing the evil words around him, the woman suddenly got a temper: “I said you, don’t make way for me, are you right?”
“I’ll tell you, those who are acquainted quickly get out of the way for me.”
“I tell you, my son-in-law is the current Jiangdong Zun, Mr. Chu.”
“Annoyed me, I asked my son-in-law to tear down your house.”
The woman yelled fiercely.
Yes, the couple in front of them are not others.
It was Qiu Mucheng’s parents Han Li and Qiulei.
In recent years, Ye Fan and his wife have cut off contact with them.
But the two of them, no matter how far they were, were to Qiu Mucheng’s biological parents.
Regardless of the law or morality, both Qiu Mucheng and Qiu Mucheng are required to support them.
Therefore, in the past few years, although Ye Fan and the others have not had any contact with Han Li, they have given them some alimony every month.
With this money, the couple was much more peaceful, and they no longer disturbed Qiu Mucheng and their lives. They traveled everywhere on their own, leading their retirement life ahead of schedule.
Of course, in addition to economic reasons, there are also reasons for fear of Ye Fan.
Even now, neither of them knows why Ye Fan suddenly made his fortune, from being the son-in-law of the enthusiasm to the nobleman of Jiangdong.
But after all, Ye Fan’s identity is there, making the Quartet surrender and let the heroes come to worship.
How can Han Li dare to provoke such powerful people?
In case Ye Fan is really anxious, divorce his daughter again.
Without Ye Fan’s asylum, the fate of their family would probably be the same as the rest of the Qiu family.
Therefore, Han Li and his wife also figured out.
As long as Qiu Mucheng still raises them, they will be honest and not cause trouble to their daughters.
“You said your son-in-law is Mr. Chu?”
“Not to mention that what you said is really untrue.”
“But in this situation, isn’t it wise for your two elders to pull out the banner of Mr. Chu?”
Hearing Han Li’s yelling, several old men from other provinces among the crowd looked over and said weirdly at Han Li and the others.
“What do you mean?”
“Despise my son-in-law?” Han Li frowned, Qiulei didn’t give them a good face.
“It seems that you two elders don’t know that your daughter is now imprisoned in the misty lake, and her life is at stake.”
“And the son-in-law in your mouth just turned a blind eye and couldn’t avoid it.”
“Looking at this posture, it’s not going to save your daughter at all.”
“Yes, Mr. Chu is now full of hot summer names, and he is a powerful martial artist in the world.”
“What kind of strange girl can’t be found?”
“Maybe, people are tired of seeing your daughter a long time ago, so just take advantage of this opportunity to marry after losing his wife?”
On the shore of the lake, several warriors from Jiangbei sneered and laughed.
“Fuck you shit!” When Han Li heard it, her hair was blown up immediately, and the hamburger in her hand was smashed directly at the few people with nasty mouths.
“My daughter is the Empress Jiangdong, who dares to provoke?”
“I think you guys are talking nonsense.”
Han Li scolded angrily, but she didn’t believe that her daughter had an accident at all.
After all, the two of them had just returned from abroad, and they didn’t know anything about Jiangdong.
“Is it nonsense, just look up and see?” The few people were not in a hurry, and said lightly.
“Seeing nonsense!”
“My daughter is the boss of the Mufan Group, and she has great power.”
Han Li and Qiulei both scolded and looked up.
However, when they saw the stunning shadow above the lake, their faces instantly turned pale.

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Thank you SM Novel.

I hope mu cheng parents will repent and treat her nicely. If not mu cheng will feel very lonely in the house. It was great to see wan yu and mu cheng talk things nicely and properly, the misunderstanding is so small, not worth the suspense. Can someone show up at yun wu lake and tell wan yu to LEAVE… so that we can read the wedding preparation and revenge part.

Yup that is what happen when mu Cheng in danger, bringing in Xu lei and all. I guess ye fan has to come. If not ppl will say that the husband don’t care wife. Author like to keep dragging the story. If god of war doesn’t help, meaning ye fan cannot trust the god of war anymore. I do not think there will be a fight. Hope tomorrow chapters has more progress

The Author dragging this arc. What’s the use of bringing MuCheng’s parents here. They’ll just have conversations/arguments against this people for two chapters more before YeFan arrive. At this point they’re just nuisance. MuCheng is already safe since MengWanyu guaranteed that she will not harm her. My another theory is that YeFan won’t come and MuCheng will be released then the InLaws will again (and again) convince MuCheng to divorce YeFan for failing to protect her.

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