A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3198

“not good!”
Ye Fan was shocked, his figure was like a sword, and he suddenly rushed out.
Then he rushed in front of Yue Yao with a thunderous force, and with a wave of his sleeves, the majestic vitality suddenly shot out, and the power of thunder shattered in an instant.
Afterwards, Ye Fan grabbed Yue Yao’s waist, jumped, and directly led her out of this thunderous and violent place.
“You damn girl, why don’t you just stay in Xijiang and run around?”
“If it weren’t for me just now, you girl would be annihilated!”
After arriving in the safe zone, Ye Fan quickly put down Yue Yao, and immediately blamed it with displeasure.
“What are you doing so fiercely, I don’t know where it is so dangerous.” After being fierce by Ye Fan, Yue Yao lowered her head and whispered.
In that way, it was like a little girl who was bullied.
Just in front of Ye Fan, this world-famous medical immortal beauty would show such a delicate side.
“Let’s talk about it, what are you looking for?” Seeing Yue Yao’s pitiful look, Ye Fan, no matter how angry he was, he soon disappeared.
Just still stern, asked Xiang Yueyao.
Hearing Ye Fan’s question, Yue Yao remembered her intention here, and quickly said, “Ye Fan, something has happened.”
“Your wife Qiu Mucheng in Yunzhou was kidnapped.”
“Also, within three days, if you don’t see you, someone will collect Qiu Mucheng’s body.”
As soon as Yue Yao’s words fell, Ye Fan’s expression suddenly became cold.
The majestic murderous intent was released instantly like a violent wind.
The sand and stones are running, and the leaves are all over the sky.
The temperature here also dropped to the extreme.
In just a moment, the world here is raging with murderous intent!
As the saying goes, dragons have scales, and they get angry when they touch it.
And Qiu Mucheng was the untouchable scale in Ye Fan’s heart.
Those who touch it, die!
Yunzhou, it’s already night.
After all, the rain fell.
The dark night is deep and heavy rain is all over the sky.
The big raindrops splashed endless ripples on the Yunwu Lake.
On the lake, bamboo boats swayed.
Qiu Mucheng above the boat was unobstructed, and her clothes had already been wet by the rain. A pair of delicate bodies, trembling slightly in the breeze.
Meng Wanyu on the side seemed to have noticed Qiu Mucheng’s situation.
Yuan Li quietly released it, and within a few meters of his side, he propped up an energy mask and wrapped Qiu Mucheng in it. All the rain that fell on the Yuanli mask would be instantly vaporized.
The drenched water vapor enveloped, but it was ethereal like an immortal.
“Thank you~”
Qiu Mucheng looked at Meng Wanyu’s direction and said softly.
“Don’t say thank you.”
“It’s me, I should say sorry to you.”
“I don’t intend to involve you, but I have to see Ye Fan.”
“This is the only way to get him out.”
Meng Wanyu replied coldly.
“Then if he doesn’t come, aren’t you busy for nothing?” Qiu Mucheng asked.
Meng Wanyu shook his head: “Not in vain.”
“If he doesn’t come, just let me, you, and An Qi, see clearly what Ye Fan is like.”
“Even my own women are ignored. This kind of man is not worthy of nostalgia.”
“After knowing his nature, my stupid sister probably gave up her heart.”
“When the heart knot is untied, she is naturally willing to start a new life.”
Meng Wanyu said coldly.
However, Qiu Mucheng gradually lowered her head, feeling an unspeakable sadness and sorrow in her heart.
Out of reason, Qiu Mucheng naturally did not want Ye Fan to attend the appointment.
But, Yu Kanshen, there is a woman who doesn’t want to be in the deep danger of herself, the person she likes, can run to rescue herself desperately.
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng at this time can be said to be in a complicated mood.
She was afraid that Ye Fan would come, and she was afraid that Ye Fan would not come.

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Meng Wanyu You are so lucky that Mucheng will defend you. Ye Fan will appear in an instant with enormouse power or energy that you will amaze. ?

As expected, boring and disappointing plot. Same thing over again. Ye fan come and rescue mu Cheng. Repeated plot over and over. People who touch the wife will die. The operation ablaze was said to start since chapter 1500. Then ye fan try to create protection for mu Cheng. At chapter 3900 revenge not started and god of war who promise to protect the relatives not even coming? Isn’t this proof that if ye fan go take revenge, mu Cheng is not safe and she is just as clueless. Waste of time reading. just break up or stay at Yun Zhou so mu Cheng will be safe.

Great way of making money ! Author !

Story is just … worst female MC

When everyone thought ye fan was dead, yue yao didnt even bother to tell mu cheng that actually ye fan is alive. Now when mu cheng is in trouble, yue yao managed to tell ye fan about it. Always creating situation for wife to be weak and in trouble. *

And hence, the story is just …

I think yue yao didn’t tell mucheng that yefan is alive coz there was no order from yefan. And they are also waiting for him to wake up.

Just wondering, does the author appreciate our suggestions?? Because he does not change the narrative. Today I did not read the whole story but skipped it, it is all repetitive

Very true Henry,
It’s been a repetitive plot since the novel began, but the derivative is set in different locations and scenes. Only a hint of future events vaguely presented…?‍♂️

Not possible. This site is only google translating the raw chapters. Pretty sure they are not directly connected to the author. They just giving us the benefits of reading chapters ahead where the official translation are far behind. Unless, native Chinese or any Chinese speaking country made such suggestions too but to no avail. If I make an assumption, this kind of repetitive side plots became normal to the native readers. Because if not, why these authors bother to imitate other authors from writing the same plot all over again.

I think they do this plot repetition or going around the bush plenty times just to extend the story so that they can have more money. In some apps, you have to pay to continue reading the next chapter.

Forget everything, I only want to know whether Ye Fan marries all the women who are deeply in love with him.
It will be really great having so many beautiful ladies as wives. May he has a thousand life times to enjoy with all the women!
Please do not delay the update for next chapters.

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