A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3202

“Do it!” Xu Lei also sternly sipped.
“Let’s go~” Qinglong everyone also rushed out instantly.
However, just when several teams were about to rush out.
Whoosh whoosh~
At the end of the horizon, the sound of suddenly breaking through the sky quietly exploded.
With the help of the dim light on the shore of the lake, everyone saw that in the dark night, several silhouettes, like arrows from the string, were flying and jumping.
A hundred-meter-high building, under their feet, is like walking on the ground.
The kilometer long road, for them, is even more instantaneous.
They are like flying birds, like a frightening bird, shuttled between the tall buildings.
The speed is as fast as flowing light.
“This…this is?”
“Mr. Chu?”
The movement in the distance quickly attracted everyone’s attention.
Lei Lao San and the others were shocked and shouted.
“Mr. Chu!”
“It must be Mr. Chu.”
“Is Mr. Chu here?”
“Mr. Chu is here to save his wife.”
“The crazy woman is dead.”
After a brief tremor, Mr. Lei took the lead to rush out, facing the direction of those few figures, and immediately greeted ecstatically.
“Lei San, did you see clearly?”
“Really Mr. Chu?” Wang Jiexi stared at her with old eyes, watching hard.
However, his eyes were almost splitting, and he just didn’t see who the person was.
After all, the sky was dark and the opponent’s speed was surprisingly fast, it was strange that Wang Jiexi could see clearly.
Lei Laosan replied with excitement, “But is this still necessary?”
“At this time, besides Mr. Chu coming with the strong king, who else can there be?”
“Mr. Chu is like this.”
“Every time it appears at the last moment.”
“After all, is this way to pretend~”
“Don’t say anything, just follow me to meet Mr. Chu.”
Lei San said excitedly.
After seeing Ye Fan rushing over, the heart he had been hanging was undoubtedly let go.
After all, before Mr. Chu came, Jiangdong had to bear the heavy burden of a few of them.
Now that Mr. Chu is here, there will be nothing for them next, and they don’t have to bear the consequences anymore.
As Lei Lao San spoke, many people stood up and down, bowed to the people in front of them and greeted them.
“My third son, Lei~”

“My Wang Jiexi~”
“I Han Dongmin~”
“He Lanshan~”
“Welcome to Mr. Chu!”
The sound of soaring into the sky, converging into a stream, impacted the world.
For a moment, everyone looked over.
Even Meng Wanyu frowned and looked forward. A pair of expressions gradually cooled down.
“I said long ago that Ye Fan is not a ruthless person.”
“You didn’t believe it just now, now, can you believe it?”
Qiu Mucheng was full of joy when she heard Lei San and their greets soaring to the sky, and said to Meng Wanyu in a show-off manner.
Meng Wanyu’s face was blue and white, facing Qiu Mucheng’s question, naturally there was nothing to say.
“Mr. Xu, do we want to go over and meet the Dragon Lord?” When Lei Lao San and the others were rushing, Xu Lei was very calm, and his subordinates couldn’t help but remind.
But Xu Lei shook her head: “Look again.”
Xu Lei frowned slightly, while speaking in a low voice, she looked at the figures that were getting closer and closer.
I don’t know why, there is always a bad feeling in her heart.
After a few seconds, those people finally came close.
Facing the greet of Lei Lao San and others, an elderly man headed by him directly pushed them aside, and at the same time the sound of majesty resounded through the audience.
“What Mr. Chu?”
“Open your eyes to see clearly, I’m waiting for five people, who are on the list of Master Yan Xia.”
“Today, I was ordered by the Martial God Temple to come to Jiangdong to kill the Chumen Demon Girl outside and punish the Yan Xia country thief inside!”
“Sinner Ye Fan, why don’t you come quickly to worship?”
Hearing that in this life, Lei Lao San and the others were directly stunned, buzzing in their brains.
This…this is, the imperial mission arrived? ! !

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Ye Fan is actually the worst male lover character. If the writer is thinking clearly his readers are actually declining. He made his male protagonist the most unfaithful husband and uncaring father. Still it is the writer’s choice on what the story. It is really a machoism novel. It is better to kill Mucheng.

Remind me of the time where the Japanese guy held xu lei as hostage. Now from no fight will become have fight? Wanyu will need to protect herself.

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