A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3204

“I thought that the Martial God Temple would love and cherish talents, and would not easily deal with Mr. Chu.”
“But it seems that it’s not like that.”
“The five great masters on the list came to Jiangdong to take Mr. Chu on behalf of the Martial God Temple.”
“Obviously, the Martial God Temple has made a big determination this time and is about to touch Mr. Chu.”
“No wonder, Mr. Chu has been unable to avoid it for the past few days.”
“Before, I thought that Mr. Chu was afraid of the Chumen forces behind Meng Wanyu, but now it seems that what Mr. Chu really avoids is the might of the Martial God Temple.”
Lu Tianhe said quietly, the doubts that had always existed in his heart were suddenly solved at this time.
Just as Lu Tianhe and the others were talking, outside the crowd, Li Er with a dusty face finally rushed back.
Seeing this, Lei Lao San and the others hurriedly gathered around and asked about the situation: “Li Er, what is going on?”
“I asked you to go to Yanjing to move and rescue soldiers, but why did you invite a Shangfang sword to kill someone?”
At this time, Li Er’s face was sinking, and he replied solemnly: “This time something really happened.”
“Mr. Chu’s disaster, I am afraid it is sad.”
“Martial God Temple, it is really going to touch Mr. Chu.”
In other words, Li Er waited at the foot of Yanshan Mountain for several days before, but did not see the King of Fighters, Sword Saint and others.
In desperation, Li Er spent a lot of money to buy a staff member on Yanshan Mountain and asked about the situation.
After all, Ye Fan is also the title of the country, even if the Martial God Temple does not give him Li Er face, he still has to give Ye Fan face, so that he won’t even be seen.
However, it doesn’t matter if Li Er asks. With this question, I learned that the only topic of the National Martial Arts Enlarged Conference held in the Martial Arts Temple a few days ago was to punish Ye Fan.
When Li Eryi heard this, he knew that the matter was serious.
Wushen Temple is to gather the power of the whole country to deal with Mr. Chu?
After learning of this, Li Er said nothing, Dang even returned to Jiangdong.
Hurry up quickly, and then rush back to Yunzhou.
“What the hell is going on here?”
“Okay, how did Mr. Chu become the sinner of the country?”
“Could it be that Jiangbei was the case before?”
“But that matter, hasn’t it been concluded?”
“The temple of the god of war will never be enough, let’s settle the account after the fall.”
Lei San couldn’t figure it out, Wang Jiexi couldn’t figure it out, and Han Dongmin and others naturally couldn’t figure it out.
Li Er shook his head: “No.”
“It seems that Mr. Chu has caused something again this time.”
“Completely angered the high-level staff of the Martial God Temple.”
When Lei Lao San and the others heard this, their hearts were cold.
Suddenly, with a bitter face, he stood there and said bitterly, “Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, why can’t you stop a little bit?
“Even if you don’t think about yourself, you still have to think about Jiangdong’s subordinates who follow you~”
Lei Lao San and the others were panicked. After learning that Ye Fan had provoked the country’s anger, they turned pale with fright and wanted to cry without tears.
“Sinner Ye Fan, why don’t you come quickly to worship?”
“….. Come and worship quickly?”
The voice of icy majesty swept across the world.
Everyone at the lake just felt deafened.
Facing the power of the five great masters, did Li Er and others dare to step forward?
They all hid in the crowd, shivering.
“Your Excellency is just a little master, dare you call your title directly?”
“Senior has lived for half his life. Could it be that your teacher didn’t teach you etiquette?”
In the panic voice of Li Er and others, a faint female voice came quietly from the crowd.
Lu Tianhe and others were undoubtedly more shocked when they heard this.
I wonder who is so bold and dare to fight against the master?
Until, Li Er turned around and found that the speaker was Xu Lei, the beauty president of Yunzhou Hongqi Group.
At that time, Li Er was frightened and hurried to persuade each other bitterly: “Mr. Xu, be careful~”
“It’s going to die~”

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Since 3 days ended. Can someone ask or send mucheng go back so that everyone know she is safe. Actually the biggest cause of this mess is li er. He blurted mucheng name and went to find the martial temple people causing this issue. Lol

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King of fighters has been undermining Fan, so a fight has to occur to know who is stronger, Mucheng is safe, but Wang might fight the temple and defeat them before Fan arrives, but the author is confused too

Yeah, this fight is needful so that King of fighters will know Ye Fan’s Majesty. He thought Ye Fan is powerless before him. I pity him though. Since Ye Fan took his son’s position he has not been happy. Good a thing God of war warned him that he cannot afford the consequences. It is also needful to expose Ye Fan’s identity Chu Tiafan, the highest master in Asia and number 11 in the sky list!

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