A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3205

“Where is the yellow girl, dare to wait and be disrespectful to me?”
Sure enough, Xu Lei’s words immediately drew the five great masters into thunder and anger.
One of them, even with cold eyes, waved his palm and prepared to teach the man who uttered wild words.
However, after seeing it as a junior, he finally closed his hand.
“I think you are a hairy girl, so I won’t care about you when I wait.”
“Otherwise, just by what you said just now, I will be able to cure you of disrespect!”
Although these martial arts masters are a bit reliant on the old and sell the old, they are all very good-faced people after all.
For small characters like Xu Lei, they naturally disdain to take lessons.
“is it?”
“I just said a few words, and seniors will punish me for the crime of disrespect.”
“Those seniors who offended Wushuang’s title of slander before, can that also cure you of the crime of disrespect?” Xu Lei replied coldly without fear or fear.
“You~” The old men were almost annoyed by Xu Lei’s words, “What a little girl with sharp teeth!”
“Who is Ye Fan you, who made you so protective to him?”
“However, you are also in the age of prosperity. As elders, we can remind you.”
“That Ye Fan, committed the crime of collaborating with the enemy and treason.”
“At this time, I advise you to keep some distance from him.”
“Otherwise, you will catch fire and you will be too late to regret!”
“You nonsense! My brother Xiao Fan acts in his life, morality and justice are the first, and it is impossible to do collusion with the enemy and treason. You must be talking nonsense to my brother Xiao Fan…” Hearing that they frame Ye Fan in such a way, Xu Lei Like a cat with blown up fur, he said angrily, trying hard to protect Ye Fan.
However, just when Xu Lei was fighting for reasons, Li Er and others rushed over and pulled Xu Lei aside.
“I said Mr. Xu, at this time, you might as well say a few words less.”
“Now that Miss Qiu is in trouble, we’re bad enough.”
“If something happens to you, we won’t even have to explain to Mr. Chu.”
Li Ercheng was frightened and couldn’t help but persuade.
At this time, Lu Tianhe seemed to recognize several people in front of him.
The general who guarded one side hurried forward and greeted one of them respectfully and respectfully: “Master Yan, why did you come to Jiangdong?”
“Why don’t you tell me in advance.”
“Junior Lu Tianhe, it’s good to make some preparations early and do the same as a landlord.”
Lu Tianhe spoke in a respectful voice.
Before entering the military area, Lu Tianhe was already a martial artist.
Later, he took the post of instructor of the three armed forces and went to and out of Yanjing all the year round. He naturally knew some well-known figures in the martial arts world.
For example, the gray-robed old man in front of him is the top of today’s grandmaster’s list, the helm of Jiangnan Xingyi, and his words are not equal.
Together with Lu Songliang of Jiangbei, it is also called Nanyan Beilu, which can be described as a famous mover.
However, unlike Lu Songliang’s family power, the one in charge of the conflict is a martial arts sect.
He has practiced martial arts for many years and has no less than three thousand disciples under Yan Buping.
The warriors who practice Xingyiquan all over the world regard disobedience as their master.
Its reputation and prestige are more than that of Lu Songliang.
Does Lu Tianhe know such well-known figures?
However, that Lu Tianhe knew him does not mean that he also knew Lu Tianhe.
Therefore, in the face of Lu Tianhe’s worship, the five great masters only raised their eyebrows: “Lu Tianhe?”
“Have not heard.”
“Whose disciple are you?”
“I~” Lu Tianhe’s eyes twitched vigorously.
The most embarrassing thing in life is this.
I ran over to say hello, but they didn’t even know which green onion you were.
In embarrassment, Lu Tianhe was galloping past 10,000 grass-mud horses.
It’s so special.
This old guy, Mr. Bichu can pretend to be forceful.
“Um, Master Huiyan, the junior is…”

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