A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3207

Hearing this, Ke Zhe and others also turned their heads and looked around.
After seeing another woman, Ke Zhe and others couldn’t help laughing.
“This Jiangdong land, is it possible that all men will die?”
“Why did Ye Fan stand up, all of them are weak women?”
“Why, does Ye Fan think that if you send some unimportant weak women to come forward, this matter can be mixed up?”
Ke Zhe sneered, and then directed at the woman on the boat, angrily said: “Little girl, you are in the age of Fanghua, and you have nothing to do with you, so I advise you not to be nosy.”
“Otherwise, get into the fire, and if you die at a young age, your parents are afraid that the rest of their lives will be spent in pain.”
Ke Zhe threatened coldly.
In the icy tone, it was full of agitation.
When Ke Zhe’s words fell, a couple rushed out among the crowd.
“Old sir, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“The little girl is ignorant and reckless, and has eyes but doesn’t know Taishan, so she just ran into a few people.”
“We are parents, apologize for her.”
“Then we will go right away and leave right away.”
“After we go back, we will definitely exercise more discipline~”
Han Li and his wife, with pale faces, ran to the lake and apologized to Ke Zhe and the elders who were not equal.
Although they didn’t know where these people came from, just looking at the reactions of Li Er and the others, Han Li and the others could guess that these five people were afraid of the origins of heaven and earth.
Otherwise, how could Ye Fan be so scared that he didn’t even dare to show up?
After apologizing, Han Li hurried to the bamboo boat and pulled Qiu Mucheng down from it.
“Mucheng, let’s go quickly~”
“This Yunzhou, we won’t wait anymore.”
“Genting Villa, we can’t live anymore.”
“What president, what Jiangdong empress, we don’t want it anymore.”
“Let’s go home, let’s live well.”
Han Li’s eyes were red, and while talking, he pulled Han Li and walked out.
There was even some crying in those words.
Han Li and his wife may be a little snobbish, or a little greedy for money.
But it was at stake for their daughter’s wealth and life, and they could still handle it.
If the money is gone, they can make more money, and they will find a good family for their daughter in the future.
My daughter is so beautiful, she is married, and there are many people who want to take over.
But they never wanted to see that their daughter died in the hands of Ye Fan.
Yes, before that, Han Li and Qiulei really thought that the white-haired man was going to give away the black-haired man.
Fortunately, even if the three-day limit was reached, Meng Wanyu didn’t seem to be a killer.
Since his daughter escaped to death, Han Li and the others naturally did not dare to let Qiu Mucheng take any risks.
They just want to leave here with Qiu Mucheng now, away from this place of right and wrong.
“Mom, Dad, don’t worry, listen to me first~”
Facing her parents, Qiu Mucheng kept explaining.
But Han Li did not listen to them.
“Mucheng, don’t talk about it.”
“This time we will take you away no matter what.”
“It used to be a bad mother. Mothers always force you to marry a rich man and find a good son-in-law.”
“But mother really didn’t expect that after you followed Ye Fan, you would suffer so much and endure so much danger.”
“Mom has figured it out, I will never force you to climb high branches in the future.”
“I thought Ye Fan was not worthy of you before, but now, we are not worthy of Ye Fan.”
“Our family is a working family, and we are just a few people in the market.”
“Emperor Jiangdong’s crown, we really can’t bear it~”
“We don’t wear it, and we can’t wear it anymore~”
“In the future, my mother will find you a small civil servant to marry.”
Han Li said anxiously, clutching her daughter’s arm tightly with both hands, as if she was afraid of losing her only daughter.

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