A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3208

After saying these words, Han Li turned her head again and looked at Meng Wanyu not far away, at Ke Zhe, Yan Injustice, and everyone present such as Li Er and Lei Lao San, righteously said: ” The first debt is in charge. From now on, if you have any grudges with Ye Fan or Mr. Chu, then go to Ye Fan and Mr. Chu.”
“My daughter, there is nothing to do with that Ye family kid anymore.”
“Who’s the one to toss my Mucheng again, and to toss our family again, Han Li, my old life, will never end with him!”
Han Li said these words firmly and decisively, with a lot of cruelty.
A woman is weak, but her mother is strong.
Perhaps Han Li is now taking care of Qiu Mucheng, so that someone will support her in the future.
Perhaps what she did today was for her own future.
However, it still takes a lot of courage to speak such words in the face of so many powerful and powerful people.
“This crazy lady, she protects her calf.”
Han Li’s voice kept reverberating, Lei Laosan and the others were slightly stunned at the time. Looking at the eyes of Han Li and his wife, they couldn’t help but change slightly.
Li Er snorted: “What protects the calf? To put it plainly, it’s for yourself.”
“If Miss Qiu dies, who will support her in the future?”
“These couples are thief.”
Li Er followed Ye Fan all the year round, and he knew something about Ye Fan’s mother-in-law.
Greedy and stingy, selfish, and a complete egoist.
Mr. Chu, a person with such a good temper, was forced intolerably by the two of them and severed the relationship between relatives.
This kind of people, Li Er really can’t give them a good impression.
“Mucheng, let’s go!”
“Leave Ye Fan, leave Yunzhou.”
“After tonight, we will have nothing to do with this place of right and wrong, and those of right and wrong.” Han Li pulled up her daughter and walked out of the crowd.
However, what everyone didn’t expect was that Qiu Mucheng shook off Han Li’s arm that was holding her in the face of her parents’ protection.
“You damn girl, what are you going to do?”
“Hurry up with me?”
“Do you have to die in a hurry?” Han Li turned her head and questioned Qiu Mucheng angrily.
“Dad, Mom, there are some things that I can hide. But there are some things that I can’t hide.”
“I am Ye Fan’s wife and the emperor of Jiangdong.”
“Now that Ye Fan is no longer, Jiangdong is in danger.”
“As her daughter, you can go, but I can’t go.” Qiu Mucheng whispered.
“Shut up!” Qiu Lei slapped Qiu Mucheng’s face with a slap, “You bastard, people don’t want you anymore, no matter whether you live or die, why are you still so confused and so determined to him?”
“You are still a top student from a prestigious school, so why don’t you have any brains?”
“At this time, if you stay and wipe Ye Fan’s ass, then you are looking for death.”
“You don’t understand this point?” Qiu Lei gritted his teeth with hatred, and finally asked.
“Let me ask you one last sentence, are you going to leave?”
Without the slightest hesitation, Qiu Mucheng still shook her head: “Parents, what you said before is correct. I, Qiu Mucheng, came from an ordinary, not a scholarly family, nor a powerful man. My parents are no more than ordinary people. In the past, I was. She is a very ordinary girl, who is squeezed out of the family, and she is often frustrated at work.”
“But when I was in a trough, Ye Fan accompanied me, supported me, comforted me, and warmed me.”
“Later, he was also the one who made me stand on the ground, let me soar, let me stand on top of power, and enjoy the wealth and glory that I never dreamed of before.”
“Nowadays, Yunzhou tycoon Li Erye calls me Miss Qiu, the generals of the military region respect me Mrs. Chu, and the entire Jiangdong dignitaries respect me as Jiangdong Empress.
“You said, I can’t stand this crown.”
“But I, Qiu Mucheng, today I can’t stand it but I have to suffer.”
“Because I am his woman, the wife of Emperor Jiangdong.”
“He reigns over the world, I will accompany him to reign over the world.”
“He will never recover, so I will accompany him never recovered!!”

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Will someone please tell this Damn useless author to not drag this story without any suspense or so? It’s been so long. His revenge hasn’t been started yet, side and useless characters keep spawning everywhere, and EVERY girl he meets falls in love with him. Even the AUTHOR IS CONFUSED WHAT’S HE’S GONNA WRITE. I’VE LOST INTEREST IN THIS STORY IT’S BORING AND BLANT.

Ignorant is bliss. The girls all support ye fan because they trust yefan, love him, willing to accompany him and wait for him. Whereas the male are always afraid of the higher ranks and will back down. They made yefan the only machoism character

The character of God of war is not properly handled. He is supposed to protect Ye Fan’s family but he is nowhere to be found except the author wants to promote Ye Fan only which is not good. This will make Ye Fan not trust God of war after this episode and how can the friendship the author created between the two move on when God of War is not given any opportunity to keep his promises. Well I think the author has gathered enough spectators to watch Ye Fan’s majesty, let the plot flow!

If author sees my msg. May chapters be a bit long. Maybe twice longs as these chapters. If so it’ll be more intreseting :).

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