A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3242

However, his smile did not last long.
Because, he resolutely discovered that the thin young man in front of him also smiled at him.
“Who said, I want to hide?”
Ye Fan let out a chuckle.
Then suddenly jumped up.
In the void, Ye Fan’s entire body was almost level with the ground, and then immediately kicked out.
In this way, Ye Fan volleyed sideways.
The whole body strength was accumulated at one point, and then burst out in an instant.
The next moment, the legs touched each other.
The two powerful titles directly used the most primitive method to launch the most violent confrontation.
The originally calm misty lake surface was as if a bomb had been dropped from it.
The vigor that overflowed, rolled up thousands of lakes.
Thousands of tons of lake water rushed up the river bank like crazy.
The trees were washed down and the guardrails shattered directly.
If it weren’t for the onlookers who had already hid in the distance, they would definitely be impacted by the aftermath of this battle.
However, even so, many people were still shaken by the wind and waves.
“It’s worthy of a title battle.”
“It’s so terrifying?”
Many warriors opened their eyes wide, and while watching the battle, they trembled uncontrollably.
The title battle is hard to come by.
Some people will not necessarily be able to see the title powerhouse in their entire lives, let alone title-level battles?
The sound of the explosion was deafening at the front collision.
Ye Fan and the King of Fighters’ fists and feet collided, just as if sparks hit the earth.
However, the stalemate scene that everyone imagined did not appear.
Only a moment of stalemate.
Ye Fan’s kick directly broke an arm of the King of Fighters.
There is no hindrance!
Just cut the tofu with a knife.
“my hand!”
“Asshole, hurt my arm and break my future, I did it for you~”
The right arm was broken, and the King of Fighters suddenly screamed in pain.
Similarly, the pain in his arm made the King of Fighters’ eyes red.
In the anger, the remaining left arm curled up into a fist again, and slammed it down at Ye Fan again.
“Are you coming?”
Ye Fan sneered.
This time, Ye Fan didn’t dodge either.
He was covered in golden clothes and the dragon pattern surged, Ye Fan immediately smashed out a punch.
There was another boom.
The left arm of the king of fighters was also instantly broken in the sound of muscles and bones cracking.
Ye Fan’s entire arm was beaten, and it turned almost 360 degrees, then turned directly.
Moreover, Ye Fan’s boxing strength remained undiminished.
After smashing Mo Gucheng’s arm, an iron fist stuck directly on Mo Gucheng’s face.
The blood flew across the teeth, and the saliva spit out all over the sky with saliva.
With a beautiful uppercut, Mo Gucheng was directly picked up by Ye Fan.
Hundreds of pounds of body, drilled a circle in the air.
I thought that Ye Fan’s offensive would end here.
But who would have thought that after a punch fell, Ye Fan stepped on the ground, and his whole body jumped up again, soaring into the sky.
Enthusiasm swept, he carried Tianhe on his back.
The dragon pattern surging, he is as powerful as the abyss.
Within nine days, Ye Fan raised his foot and stepped on Mo Gucheng’s body suddenly.
The bang trembles through the ages.
The ribs broke and blood flew across.
Before Mo Gucheng even had time to scream, he was kicked into the ground by Ye Fan.
The huge force wrapped around the body of the king of fighters, like a cannonball falling from the sky.
There was a boom.
The earth trembled, and the rocks broke apart.
By the side of Yunwu Lake, a huge pit was smashed by Mo Gucheng.
The falling gravel directly buried this incredible titled master in it.
I don’t know life or death!
Dead still, dead still.
Deathly silence.
At this moment, the world was silent.
As if time and space are still, time will be eternal.
Everyone’s memory stopped at this moment.
Everyone was speechless for a long time, dumbfounded.
If it weren’t for the rain still falling and the water still flowing, I’m afraid it would really make people think that the time and space here is still.

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