A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3249

“God of War, the King of Fighters, please take care of it.”
On the top of Yanshan Mountain, Ye Qingtian, God of War of China, fluttering in white, elegant and romantic, standing proudly on the top of the world.
In front of him, Juggernaut and Tang Hao said goodbye one by one.
Then, board the special plane that has been waiting on Yanshan Mountain.
Set sail, the mountain of Truman!
His Royal Highness, Ye Qingtian stood for a long time.
Watching the two major pillars of China, the powerhouses slowly went away.
But in his heart, there was a kind of anxiety, and it gradually became thicker as the Juggernaut and others left.
I don’t know why, Ye Qingtian always feels that this martial arts world is afraid that something big will happen.
“Hope, everything is safe.”
Ye Qingtian whispered, the breeze in the mountains blew his clothes and hunted.
In the distance, the Tianhe River is full and the wind is surging.
The God of War stands proudly on the top of the mountain, like a night watchman, silently watching this world!
The northern border, Soviet Russia.
In the luxurious and solemn palace, a man, dressed in a golden robe, stood quietly in front of the huge French windows.
The vodka spirits in his hand bloomed with a rich mellow aroma.
It’s just that this person’s fascinating and quiet look seems to be waiting for something.
Finally, one person walked into the main hall and bowed to the person and said, “Tell Aaron the Great, China has already set off.”
“According to information, it was the Sword Saint and Haotian, the master of the Huaxia Wushen Temple, who led the team.”
“Oh, did the Juggernaut personally lead the team?” The man smiled softly when he heard the words. “In that case, let’s start too.”
Between chuckles, the man picked up the wine glass and drank the strong wine in the glass.
If the God of War is here, he will definitely recognize it at a glance.
The man in front of him was Aaron, the Russian martial arts leader. Title, the Great!
Amid the violent roar, a Soviet Russian fighter flew out of Moko City.
The place where the fighters are heading is surprisingly, on the other side of the ocean, Mount Chumen!
In addition to the summer and Soviet Russia, similar scenes have also been staged in various countries.
High-level martial arts officials from Western European countries, Northern Han, Australia, and even South Asia rushed to the Chu family for banquets.
Hundreds of special planes all soared, and countless titles and great masters took to them.
The grand scene is just like a hundred rivers converging on the sea, and hundreds of rivers contending for current!
“My God~”
“Look at Foluo Palace.”
“Isn’t that my king’s special plane?”
“This is, King Foluo is going to travel far?”
“How many big titles are there to follow?”
“Not only India, but the King of Great Britain also took a special plane to go abroad.”
“There is also Huaxia’s Martial God Temple…”
“The martial arts leaders of all countries in the world have almost moved…”
“What is this going to do?”
“Want to fight a world war?”
The martial arts leaders of all countries are all out together, and the movement is not uncommon.
The people have already exploded, and countless warriors have discussed and guessed.
Such a large-scale gathering of powerhouses is hard to see in a century. Some people even think that the world war in the martial arts world is about to start.
However, after all, there are still well-informed people who say that the Chu Family Master is about to get married in the past few days. The martial arts leaders of various countries were invited to a banquet.
“Young Master Chu is getting married?”
“I go!”
“No wonder~”
“Just because the Chu family has so much face.”
The Chu family’s wedding banquet is undoubtedly like a huge rock smashing into the sea, causing a huge wave of waves in the long-paced martial arts world!
And when all the countries went to Chumen Mountain, in the land of Japan, somewhere in the luxurious manor.
The former president of the Sanhe Consortium, Iwai Zen, drank the Dahongpao tea that was paid tribute by his servants while listening to reports from all parties.
This is a habit he has cultivated for many years. Although he can’t live for a long time, he is well aware of major events at home and abroad.
“what did you say?”
“The young master of Chumen, Chu Tianqi, is going to marry the eldest lady of the Jones family.”

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