A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 325

“Since the young master starts a company, why not start a bigger one.”
“This kind of small cda4e9f7 company is not enough to waste time.”
Old Han’s doubts came from the phone again.
Ye Fan shook his head and chuckled, “After all, it’s Mucheng’s first time in charge of a company. It’s better to walk a little bit, otherwise the steps will be too big and it will be easy to get into the crotch.”
“What’s more, if you can personally make a small business bigger and stronger, it must be an extremely wonderful experience for Mucheng.”
With Ye Fan’s energy, almost a word can give Qiu Mucheng a group of hundreds of billions.
But he didn’t. He knew what Qiu Mucheng wanted, a stage.
Just like a dancer, as long as she is given the stage and given the opportunity, she can perform peerless dance, step by step aspiring to the highest palace of art.
And if Ye Fan gave Qiu Mucheng the highest honor as a dancer as soon as he came up, then what fun is there in life?
“Mucheng, I have set the stage for you.”
“Let me see, what kind of peerless dance style can you jump out of?” Remember to read a book for one second
In the study, Ye Fan looked at the vast sky outside the window, with a kind of affectionate love and expectation in his eyes.
Just like what Ye Fan said before.
If you want a cloud, I will give you a cloud~
If you want autumn to come, I will let those three thousand leaves fall!
For you, I can give you the whole world~
“By the way, Mr. Han, have you found out the identity of Wu Herong that I asked you to check before?”
“This person even knows the “Book of Clouds”, which is beyond my expectations.”
This “Book of Clouds” is one of the most secret things of the Chu family. Even in the Chu family, only a few core members of the family can have the opportunity to access it.
Ye Fan didn’t expect that Wu Herong would have noticed it at a glance after he had used a blow from the “Book of Clouds” in the Taishan Martial Arts Conference.
This had to make Ye Fan wonder, could Wu Herong belong to the Chu family?
“Little Lord, I have checked his identity carefully.”
“Before Chen Ao, this Wu Herong was indeed a tyrant in Jiangdong. The empire Wu Herong established in Jiangdong fell apart overnight, strictly speaking, it was caused by the little master.”
At that time, in order to support Chen Ao, Ye Fan secretly asked Lao Han to search for various evidences of Wu Herong’s crime, and finally handed it over to Chen Ao. Only then did Chen Ao defeat Wu Herong in one fell swoop.
In this respect, the fall of Wu Herong’s power back then was indeed caused by Ye Fan.
I’m afraid that the whole Jiangdong gangsters will not know, that Jiangdong’s upheaval that year, in fact, there has always been a mysterious big hand in secret layout.
“But this Wu Herong is also a cruel man. After escaping abroad, he became a mercenary for his livelihood. He has been in the dark world of the West. You can see this man in many chaos in the Middle East over the years.”
“Moreover, this person seems to be quite famous in the mercenary world in the West, and was given the title of a Scarlet Wolf King.”
“I guess that the reason why he can recognize the little lord’s “Cloud Dao Book” is because he has fought against Chu family members over the years.”
“After all, you should know that the power of the Chu family is everywhere in all walks of life. Even in the dark world of the West, the Chu family has its own industry there.”
“What’s more, this person is now employed by the Chu family. He has come across the sea to murder the young master. It is not surprising that he can know the “Book of the Clouds”.”

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