A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 329

After Ye Fan finished talking with Li Er, he turned around and went home.
However, Ye Fan didn’t notice at all. A black Mercedes-Benz car had been parked for a long time at the corner not far from him.
The car window was half open, and a graceful and noble woman inside, watching silently like this, in the beautiful eyes of the water, there was the thin and tall figure of the man in front.
“Mr. Xu, don’t you go over and talk to him?” In the driver’s seat, Xu Lei’s assistant Lin Wenjing couldn’t bear it and whispered.
“No, just one look, that’s enough.” Xu Lei shook her head and smiled, but her faint voice contained inexplicable emotions. No one knows what exactly is this graceful woman thinking at this time?
“But Mr. Xu, are you really going to tell Mr. Chu? Tell Mr. Chu what you want, tell him that you were actually more than ten years ago…” Lin Wenjing wanted to go on, but was given by Xu Lei Interrupted.
“What’s the point of saying that? He’s already married.”
“There are some things that are better hidden in the heart than they are said.”
“Okay, it’s quiet, we should also go, Sanshu and the others should be anxious.”
“I have been away from home for ten years. Now, the person I am looking for has been found; the person I want to meet has also been seen. It’s time to return to the family and fulfill my obligations as a descendant of the Xu family.”
The faint voice, like the soft cry of a nightingale, slowly blew past this cloud lake. First URL m.
The vehicle started, and the low voice, like the hissing of a beast, quietly sounded in this world.
The black Mercedes-Benz, like a sharp sword, tore open the vast and majestic sky, and galloped towards the unknown front!
Inside the car, a low melody sounded slowly.
Xu Lei didn’t say a word, just sat there quietly, turning to look at the world outside the window.
There, the boundless trees retreat crazily, and the lush green leaves are almost drawn into a line in Xu Lei’s eyes.
Back then, when Xu Lei left the family privately, she was sitting in the car as she does now, watching the trees by the roadside quietly.
However, who would have thought that in a blink of an eye, it has been nearly ten years.
“Brother Xiaofan, it’s been ten years. After all, the gratitude that year was not able to say to you.”
Before he knew it, tears had blurred Xu Lei’s eyes.
The crystal teardrops slid down into the heavens and the earth, but they broke into beads and strings.
“I often hear people say that separation is for better reunion.”
“Wen Jing, you said, I still have a chance in the future, goodbye to my Xiao Fan brother?”
Inside the car, Xu Lei said tearfully.
Lin Wen’s heart is like a knife twist. After spending so many years by Xu Lei’s side, it is the first time she has seen Xu Lei cry so sad.
Until this moment, Lin Wenjing didn’t know what position that man had in Xu Lei’s heart?
“Mr Xu, I will.”
“You and Mr. Chu will definitely see you again.”
“I promise!”
Deep words, with firmness.
It’s like comfort, but more like a promise!
Then, there was silent silence in the car.
Soon, Lin Wenjing carried Xu Lei and stopped slowly at the intersection in the suburbs of Yunzhou.
“Ten years of drifting, Leilei, welcome home.”
There, there was a middle-aged man in a luxurious suit, standing there just like that, opening his arms to Xu Lei.
Behind him, more than a dozen big men in suits all bowed to greet each other and bowed in respect.
“Welcome miss home!”
“Welcome miss home!”
The voices one after another converged into a stream, but they trembled the whole world.

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