A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3290

Seeing An Qi’s tear-stained look, Ye Fan suddenly smiled.
The laughter was bleak and self-deprecating.
Thinking of him, Ye Fan, in a vertical and horizontal life, is an extremely man.
When he was young, he was inherited by the ancestors of the Chu family, and he was given the heavenly word for generations.
After returning to the hot summer, to fight for the country, to be Feng Tianjiao unparalleled!
With a brilliant sound, he received all the glory.
But the result?
Nowadays, the whole house has blood relatives and compatriots from home and country, but the only one who cares about him is the unrelated little girl in front of him.
“Brother Xiaofan, you really hurt~”
“Sorry, it’s all me.”
“You shouldn’t have come to save me~”
“It’s me who tired you…”
An Qi burst into tears, looking at the blood at the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth, her heart was full of guilt and self-blame.
Ye Fan smiled lightly and whispered comfortingly: “An Qi, Brother Xiao Fan doesn’t hurt.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry, don’t blame yourself.”
“I am here today, not all for you.”
“This is my grievance with the Chu family, it has nothing to do with you.”
“Well, you stand far away first.”
“Best, go to your father’s side.”
“If you are too close to Xiaofan, I’m afraid you will get hurt.”
Ye Fan smiled lightly, with comfort in his soft words.
“An Qi, come here!”
At this time, An Qi’s father and brother also hurried over and pulled Angel aside.
Obviously, members of the Jones family have also realized that today’s wedding banquet, I am afraid that it will not be peaceful.
After persuading An Qi to leave, Ye Fan spit out the blood in his mouth, then turned around, and immediately looked at the sword sage ahead with his cold eyes.
“I expected that the Chu family would deal with me, the Chu Sect would deal with me, and the world would deal with me, but I never expected that the Lord of the First Hall of the Flame Summer Martial God Temple would also deal with me?”
Ye Fan sneered, and every time he said a word, the chill and anger on his body became stronger.
Speaking of the end, Ye Fan’s body and power were already as cold as ice, surging like a dragon.
“Humph!” Facing Ye Fan’s sneer, the Sword Saint snorted coldly, “Because I am the leader of the Yanxia martial arts and the lord of the first hall, I can do it better!”
“Ye Fan, in China, you have no lawlessness, but now in a foreign country, you dare to act recklessly, ruining my reputation in the flames of summer martial arts, tarnishing the power of my flames The country is in trouble!”
“I will ask you last, do you know that you are not guilty, do you apologize, kneel or not?”
The Juggernaut was also full of anger, and scolded Ye Fan angrily.
Tang Hao on the side, seeing that things were a little out of control, he hurriedly spoke to persuade him.
“Ye Fan, Juggernaut is also doing good for you.”
“You should apologize on conviction.”
“Otherwise, not to mention that it will cause disasters for the Yanxia Wushen Temple, you yourself, I am afraid that there is no place to be buried~”
Tang Hao looked like a peacemaker and tried to persuade him again and again.
Ye Fan just felt funny when he listened.
“Convicted? Apology?”
“I went to the Chu family alone, and I never used your Martial God Temple to fight or kill, just to seek justice for my mother.”
“What’s wrong with me, Ye Fan?”
“Apologize again?”
“Furthermore, I might as well tell you that today I will not only kill the Chu Family Young Master, but I will also kill the Chu Family Patriarch and step on the entire Chu family!”
The words are strong, like thunder.
The sonorous words are even more shocking.
Everyone, after hearing this, they didn’t change their color. All the people present sat up in shock.
The Juggernaut himself was even more frightened and furious: “Arrogant!”
“act recklessly!”
Three consecutive shouts of curse showed the anger of the Juggernaut.
“Heaven’s iniquity is forgiven; if you do your own iniquity, you cannot live!”
“Since you insist on begging for death, don’t blame my Yanxia Wushen Temple for turning your face ruthlessly.”
Between the angry words, the Juggernaut stepped out, then looked around, facing the crowd, mixing his voice.

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