A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3295

As Ye Fan’s true identity was revealed, in the hall, the powers of the nations and the leaders of the Quartet were full of noise.
The Juggernaut was even more traumatized, and only felt that God had made him a big joke.
I think that a few minutes ago, his Sword Saint was still facing Tang Hao, praised Chu Tianfan in various ways, and even threatened that among the young masters of the world, apart from Chu Qitian, only Chu Tianfan could be worthy of Chu. The princess of the door, Angel Jones.
But who would have thought that Chu Tianfan, whom he admired so much, was always right in front of him.
Today, he was personally banned from the title and expelled from the Chinese martial arts.
Great irony.
The Juggernaut at this time, only felt that he was completely a joke
“Juggernaut, this is the end of the matter, you don’t have to be distressed.”
“The big deal, after this matter, we will invite him to the Chinese martial arts.”
Seeing the ugly face of the Sword Saint, Tang Hao sighed, although there was some resentment in his heart, he complained that the Sword Saint was impulsive just now.
But it’s done, and complaining is no longer vain.
All Tang Hao could do was to persuade the Sword Saint to calm down, and the big deal would be to invite Ye Fan back in the future.
But the Juggernaut shook his head: “I can’t come back.”
“He is Chu Tianfan. The moment he killed Chumen Mountain, he was destined to have the same ending as Ye Fan.”
“Besides, Tang Hao, I am not really hurt, I just feel sorry.”
“This Chu Tianfan, if he doesn’t act so arbitrarily, but according to the arrangement of our Martial God Temple, he accumulates the basics in a decent way.”
“Waiting for the day when he accumulates his wealth, has he not been able to lead China to the battle against Chumen?”
“But unfortunately, his character is too arrogant. It is destined to be the tragedy of today~”
After a brief gaffe, the Juggernaut quickly recovered his calm.
But the words are full of regret.
However, it was just a pity. But he still didn’t regret his actions just now.
Either Ye Fan or Chu Tianfan is not enough to make the entire China’s billions of people involved in such a big risk because of him.
As everyone sighed, Angel Jones, who is today’s bride, was also surprised with her small hands, covering her red lips.
“Brother Xiaofan, actually… he is also from the Chu family?”
“Or the son of Uncle Zhenghong?”
An Qi’s face was full of panic.
An Qi remembered that when Chu Zhenghong was still the head of the Chu family, she often visited her in the Jones family.
At that time, Chu Zhenghong often joked to An Qi, saying that if he had a son, he would marry you.
Now that those words of Uncle Zhenghong resounded again, An Qi’s small faces were undoubtedly flushed even more.
Yes, this is definitely not a joke of Chu Zhenghong.
Although Ye Fan had already been expelled from the Chu family lintel, so what?
Ye Fan is not from the Chu family, but he is still Chu Zhenghong’s son.
When a father is a father, he will naturally worry about his son’s lifelong affairs.
And over the years, Chu Zhenghong has been searching for wealthy daughters and royal princesses from all sides. What he likes most is the little princess of the Jones family.
Not only the face is stunning, but also the character is the best choice.
More importantly, the secret of the little princess Anqi is beneficial to his son’s future career.
Therefore, An Qi has always been the best partner chosen by Chu Zhenghong for Ye Fan, and even the most favorite daughter-in-law chosen for herself.
As for the marriage contract between An Qi and Chu Qitian?
That’s a fart.
Chu Zhenghong didn’t care about this. The daughter-in-law he valued was Chu Zhenghong’s daughter-in-law.
Just for a fight.
Whoever wins will be the daughter-in-law.
However, Naihe’s plan could not keep up with the changes.
Even though Chu Zhenghong had laid the groundwork for Ye Fan for ten years in the Jones family, but that stinky boy became the son-in-law of the house.

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