A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3339

With Gaia’s low voice.
Immediately afterwards, the four auras swept out of them like a deep sea.
It’s like four dragons appearing.
That terrifying power, like a beam of light, rose to the sky.
In the end, they were gathered in one place.
There is a saying in the martial arts world that the master is like a dragon.
The titled master is undoubtedly the king of the dragon.
Now, the four titles are working together, one can imagine how powerful is that?
Almost disturbing the world!
The power of horror, like shining sun, blooms directly on the top of Chumen Mountain.
“This this…”
“Does it mean that they will also combine the attack?”
“But… But how is this possible?”
“How can a title-level combined attack technique exist in this world?”
Seeing the scene before him, everyone present was stunned.
Can be described as dumbfounded!
Many people were even more affected by the stormy sea.
You know, in the martial arts world today, among all the known combined attacks, one of the most powerful combined attacks is the Yunyang Immortal Phase Formation of the Chu Family!
After all, there are arrays in these formations, and they can be used by thirty-six people at the same time, and there are even dozens of martial arts masters among them.
The combined attack technique that this grandmaster level can use is extremely rare.
What’s more, the Chu family can gather so many martial arts masters at the same time.
This is why, the martial arts world ranks the Chu family’s Yunyang immortal phase array as the strongest combination attack formation.
But now, Gaia and the four of them seem to be familiar with the art of combined attack, which has to make everyone feel tremor.
Could it be that Ye Fan’s group of subordinates still mastered the title-level combined attack technique?
If this is the case, then a certain gap in the martial arts world about the combined attack formation is probably about to be filled.
“It’s bluffing.”
“There is no title-level combined attack technique in this world.”
“These people are just playing mystery.”
“Presumably the combination of strikes they use is not even a grandmaster level.”
“These idiots, do they really think that they can deal with the Yunyang Immortal of my Chu family with a random formation?”
Chu Qitian sneered.
The rest of the Chu family were also full of disdain in their eyes.
Obviously, these people don’t think Gaia can pose much of a threat.
The contempt in his eyes is undoubtedly very vivid!
But just when the Chu family was full of disdain, the combined attack of the four Gaia had already been gathered.
Four energy beams are gathered in one place.
In the end, Gaia, Owen, Su Muqiu and Cecil slammed the ground and shouted together: “The ice and fire mysterious dragon, now!”
Like thunder running through the sky and the earth, the lightning hits the heart of the sky.
At the moment when the sounds of the four dragons myths fell in unison, the original silence of the sky, suddenly, the wind rose.
Layers of black clouds, with billowing Hong Lei, swept from nine days away, Pentium.
In the end, a lot of thunder light smashed directly on the beam of light formed by the four people.
Between the lightning flashes, there was only a long roar of dragons.
Then, everyone saw that a thousand-meter-long dragon light and shadow rushed out of the cocoon in the beam of light.
This giant dragon traverses thousands of meters, covering the sky and the sun.
Moreover, the scales all over his body are like armored steel.
Above the body, half red as fireworks, half blue as ice and snow.
Following the matching of the two colors, in the dragon’s light and shadow, there are actually two diametrically opposed forces.
A scorching heat is like fiery magma, and a cold is like nine secluded mysterious ice.
These two opposing forces have reached a weird balance in the light and shadow of the dragon.
Like yin and yang, between the entanglement of each other, that exploding force is constantly spilling out.

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