A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 335

“Mom, why are you collecting people’s things indiscriminately?”
“Hurry up and return it to others?”
When Qiu Mucheng saw that her mother had accepted such a valuable gift from Sun Yuhao, she frowned and said with a slight irritation.
However, Han Li was not happy anymore.
“What’s wrong with me?”
“What happened to me with my future son-in-law?”
“I have worked so hard all my life to raise you. You don’t need to buy me a little golden Buddha. My future son-in-law will buy it for me. Are you still stopping?”
“What kind of daughter is this?”
“My son-in-law is not as good to me yet!”
“Are you going to piss me off?”
Han Li’s temper came up again and complained to Qiu Mucheng. First URL m.
Upon seeing this, Yuhao Sun hurriedly persuaded: “Mucheng, it’s okay. The first time I met with my uncle and aunt, I should give some gifts. Besides, it’s not expensive. It’s just my daily salary. , I work overtime for a day, won’t I make it back?”
Sun Yuhao’s remarks seemed to discourage Qiu Mucheng, but they were actually pretending to be compelling.
The little golden Buddha and Guanyin are pure gold, and they add up to ten to twenty thousand.
It turned out to be his one-day salary?
Doesn’t that mean that the young man in front of him, who is only in his twenties, has an annual salary of over one million?
Hearing this, Han Li and his wife were undoubtedly more excited, seeing Yuhao Sun more and more happy.
“Mucheng, this is just the first gift I gave to uncle and auntie.”
“In the future, every New Year’s Day, I will give it again, and it is definitely more precious than this.”
“Moreover, I will not only give gifts to the second elder, but also to you.”
“As long as you like, I will give you the stars in the sky!”
Sun Yuhao’s words were low, and his gaze towards Qiu Mucheng was full of affection. Han Feifei, who was listening to the touching words of love, felt softened.
“Hold one~Hold one~”
“Hold one, hold one~”
For a time, Han Feifei suddenly booed from the side.
When Han Li and his wife saw that the matter was about to be over, they also made a fuss.
Not only them, but even the two security guards at the door of Mufan’s company began to applaud and roar.
“President Qiu, hold one, hold one~”
“Hold one~”
The passers-by on the side of the road yelled at Qiu Mucheng and Sun Yuhao, who were both talented and talented.
Seeing that the atmosphere had been fully rendered, Sun Yuhao smiled and opened his arms to Qiu Mucheng with a full face.
At this time, Sun Yuhao was like a king who embraced the beauty, and on his handsome face, there was a smile like a winner.
However, just when Sun Yuhao opened his hand to take Qiu Mucheng into his arms, who would have thought that the stunning and cold girl in front of the company would push Sun Yuhao away.
“Sorry, I’m already married.”
After pushing Sun Yuhao away, I saw that stunning girl, in the gaze of everyone’s astonishment, she ran towards an unnoticed corner beside her without looking back.
The delicate high-heeled shoes hit the ground, and the oncoming wind messed up the green silk on Qiu Mucheng’s forehead.
Qiu Mucheng gently picked up the corner of the beautiful skirt, but directly got into Ye Fan’s electric car.
“Ye Fan, let’s go.”
To Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng smiled softly.
Ye Fan nodded: “Okay, hold on!”
Whoosh whoosh~
Under the faraway sky, Ye Fan was carrying his girl, but she was heading away quickly.
Here, there were only a group of surprised people and Sun Yuhao with an ugly face.

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