A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3359

In the eyes of Gaia and others, Chu Yuan’s appearance undoubtedly completely disrupted their plans.
In this case, it is no longer suitable to go on hard.
Retreating safely to Chumen Mountain has become the most urgent thing for the Dragon Temple powerhouse.
“Yes, Dragon Lord.”
“Where there is life, there is hope.”
“I’m waiting for four people, there is still room.”
“We hold this Chu Yuan, and you immediately withdraw from Chumen Mountain.”
“After you leave, the few of us will also find a way to leave.”
Owen, Su Muqiu and others have persuaded each other.
Obviously, these people also recalled the fear of being dominated by Chu Yuan in the world of martial arts.
Now Chu Yuan came back again, and he also walked out of the forbidden land of the Chu family.
It is very likely that Chu Yuan’s strength is one step closer than before.
Thinking of this, many people no longer dare to continue thinking.
No one knows how far Chu Yuan’s strength has reached now?
However, facing the persuasion of Gaia and others, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
“Can’t retreat.”
“There is no one behind me.”
The faint laughter fell in the ears of Gaia and others, and it was a bit tragic and desolate.
As Ye Fan said, can he still retire?
Just withdraw from Chumen Mountain, will the Chu family let him go?
At that time, should Ye Fan continue his escape career?
“But Dragon Lord, Chu Yuan…” Even though they realized that Ye Fan had nowhere to go, they still didn’t want to see that the most tragic ending happened.
“It’s nothing.”
“Before I came, I had expected the worst result.”
“It’s a big deal, my soul, Chu Tianfan, will die here!”
“But even if it’s like this, I, Ye Fan, have to break a few of his Chu Yuan teeth!”
“What’s more, I’m talking about the worst-case scenario.”
“If you don’t fight a game, whoever wins and loses is not necessarily true!”
Ye Fan’s expression was cold and severe, with a sharp smile on the corner of his mouth.
In his eyes, there was inexplicable determination and determination.
“However, you guys, the task has been completed and you can go down the mountain.”
“Take Mr. Han, let’s go together.”
“If I, Chu Tianfan, can return safely, I will wait for the Dragon God to gather again and be famous all over the world!”
“If I don’t return, then the Dragon Temple will be disbanded.”
“You guys, all find your home.”
Ye Fan waved his hand, then turned around, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, and walked forward alone.
With each step, Ye Fan’s body rose by one point.
Until the end, the boy in front of him, with a sneer on his face, stood proudly in Tianhe.
“Chu Yuan, come up for a fight!”
“The humiliation you brought to me and my mother back then, today, it should be the final break!”
The sound is like muffled thunder, shaking the void here.
Tianhe trembled, and the boundless clouds were scattered.
Ye Fan’s billowing Hongyin swept the entire world.
“I go!”
“This hot summer boy is really crazy~”
“Old man Chu Yuanchu has appeared, he dare to clamor so openly and provocatively?”
Everyone was once again frightened by Ye Fan’s arrogance and arrogance.
Everyone stared, looking at the young man standing proudly in front of him in disbelief.
Even Chu Yuan frowned.
“For so many years, the one who dared to provoke me like this, except for your father Chu Zhenghong, it is you.”
“However, for your behavior like this, it’s worthy of courage to say it better. It’s worth noting to say it badly.”
Chu Yuan replied faintly.
Between the words, there is not much ups and downs.
Even the gaze that looked at Ye Fan was still the same as usual.
Perhaps, for Chu Yuan, Ye Fan didn’t regard Ye Fan as an opponent from beginning to end, let alone his eyes.
Always, dismissively.
After saying this, Chu Yuan’s footsteps finally moved.
He walked unhurriedly, and the wind lightly approached Ye Fan.

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