A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 337

“Look, how generous Yuhao is.”
“This good family is different.”
“Unlike the countryman, he knows that eating and drinking are the advantages.”
Han Li was flattering Sun Yuhao again.
But since Sun Yuhao said so, Han Li and the others did not make things difficult for Ye Fan and let him come in.
“Mucheng, you go first, I will lock the car first.”
What Han Feifei and the others said just now reminded Ye Fan that the electric car should be locked if no one is watching.
“Well, hurry up. We’re in the hall where you enter.”
Qiu Mucheng said to Ye Fan, and then entered the Haiyuan Pavilion.
“I’m going, isn’t that the deputy mayor of Yunzhou?”
“The one next to him is probably the chief manager of Haiyuan Pavilion, Peng Zhenying, right?” Remember to read the book for one second
As soon as Han Li and the others entered, they saw a few big shots.
Qiulei often reads the news in Yunzhou City, and of course he knows the leaders in the city. After all, he often shows his face on TV.
It was the first time to see these big guys up close, and Qiulei, excited, stepped forward to greet them.
However, neither Peng Zhenying, the chief executive of Haiyuan Pavilion, nor the leader of the Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee, looked at them.
How would such a small person in the market, a big business man like Peng Zhenying, bother?
I didn’t see it all.
“You old thing, still thinking about Pan Gaozhi’s failure?”
“Hot face sticks to someone’s cold ass, right?”
“These big people, where is our contact.”
Han Li next to Qiulei ridiculed Qiulei for a while, Qiulei smiled, not feeling ashamed.
After all, people are big people, and it’s normal to ignore yourself and not ashamed.
Peng Zhenying has been sending guests to the door: “Wu City, go slowly.”
The warm smile on Manager Haiyuan Pavilion’s face completely contrasted with the attitude towards Qiulei just now.
After sending off the guests, Liang Zhenying turned around and went back to the restaurant. Whoever wanted to hit someone head-on, the painful Peng Zhenying grinned and shouted angrily.
“Where’s the thing that doesn’t have eyes?”
“Don’t let me go!”
“It hurts me so much.”
Peng Zhenying covered her mouth and cursed.
Obviously, it seemed to have hit a tooth just now.
“I will give you another chance to reorganize the language.”
A cold voice came quietly from the front. The icy cold tone made Peng Zhenying shudder.
He immediately raised his head and looked intently.
After seeing the person in front of him clearly, Peng Zhenying was so frightened that her old face turned white.
“Yes…yes…is you?”
Peng Zhenying was almost shocked.
He will never forget that on that day more than a month ago, Haiyuan Pavilion was ordered by Li Erye to forcefully clear the field, and the directors and business leaders were all driven out.
He clearly remembered that Li Erye told him at the time that there was a big person coming and asked them to receive the highest standard in Haiyuan Pavilion.
At that time, Peng Zhenying was so scared that he stood in front of the restaurant and waited respectfully.
Peng Zhenying still remembers that, under the guard of thousands of marvelous cars, it is like a young man descending from the king.
Isn’t it the person in front of you?
Peng Zhenying is a fool if he can make Li Erye respect him as a great man and let so many luxury cars pick him up in person. That also knows that this seemingly ordinary young man has a terrific background.
“This… gentleman, yes… I’m sorry, it was… it was my fault, it was all my fault.”
“Do you think this will work? All your consumption in this restaurant tonight is waived, and…just as my apologize to you.” The restaurant manager trembled, afraid that his arrogance just now might arouse the anger of the young man in front of him. Hurry up and apologize.
If Qiulei and others saw this scene, they would probably be shocked. He could not afford the existence before, but now he is so panicked in front of Ye Fan.

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