A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3377

However, after a brief panic, Tang Yun quickly recovered her calm.
She shook her head and smiled, her heart full of self-deprecating.
Now she, why bother with these?
The relationship between him and Ye Fan was already over.
When Ye Fan resolutely left in the old house of the Chu family, there was no possibility for him and her anymore.
No matter how deep the entanglement, no matter how much entanglement, it has become the past.
Since it is no longer possible, thinking about this now is just a mediocre harassment.
“Chu Tianfan?”
“Chu family descendants?”
“Actually I should have thought of it.”
“If you weren’t from the Chu family, how could grandma let you into that old house?”
Tang Yun looked at Ye Fan, shook his head lightly, and sneered.
“However, even if you were expelled by the Chu family back then, that is not the reason for your wanton killing.”
“My teacher was benevolence and righteousness first, spare your life and let you go down the mountain.”
“Even if you really humiliate your mother and son, it is definitely not a vengeance of life and death, an unsolvable grievance.”
“But you, when you went to Chumen Mountain today, not only did you make trouble in the pure place of Chumen, you also killed so many innocent people from the Chu family.”
“You are so bloody and brutal, how can you really seek justice for your mother, but simply vent the resentment in your heart.”
“Such atrocious acts can be said to be intolerable by nature. How can my Truman tolerate you?”
Tang Yun’s words were cold, and the sorrowful words swept like ice skates.
The majesty of the queen, more like a torrential sea, swept out in an instant.
Tang Yun deserves to be the master of Chumen.
Just a few words, the majesty is full!
Under Tang Yun’s words, Aaron, King Foluo and others felt oppressed.
Facing Tang Yun’s reprimand, Ye Fan laughed instead.
“Listen to Tang Sect Master, this is going to kill me?”
“it is good!”
“If you want to kill, just kill it.”
“Able to die under the master sword of the Chumen Sect, I, Chu Tianfan, can also be considered dead!”
Ye Fan did not explain, nor did he regress and compromise, instead he said sarcastically.
“Do you think I dare not kill you?”
Ye Fan’s words undoubtedly made Tang Yun even more angry.
The seven-foot green peak in his hand began to tremble, and it was out of the sheath a few times!
“Why then?” Ye Fan chuckled.
“Under this world, what else is the Tang Sect master dare not to do?”
“Furthermore, it’s not that the master of Tang Yun didn’t kill me.”
“I, Chu Tianfan, can be counted as a person who has died once under the Tang Sect’s main sword, and I am not afraid of dying a second time.”
“Do it, Master Tang Yun.”
Ye Fan said coldly, and the words were full of sarcasm.
Tang Yun was undoubtedly irritated by Ye Fan’s tone.
For so many years, she has been at the pinnacle of total power, looking at the world, who does not treat him respectfully.
The young man in front of him has repeatedly verbally verbally directed at her, provoking her majesty many times.
Moreover, what made Tang Yun feel even more angry was that Ye Fan was clearly wrong in front of him. He didn’t know that he was guilty and guilty, but he was so arrogant and aggressive.
Thus, Tang Yun, who was furious, immediately drew his sword.
Just listen to a buzzing sound.
The long sword buzzed, and a wisp of sword aura burst out immediately.
Where the sharpness is headed is where Ye Fan is!
“Okay, as you wish!”
Tang Yun’s face was expressionless, and the words of sorrow suddenly cut out accompanied by the vertical and horizontal sword energy.
Facing Tang Yun’s Qi Chi Qingfeng’s point again, Ye Fan was not afraid, just standing there, calmly looking ahead.
But just when Tang Yun’s sword energy was about to pierce Ye Fan, a colorful glow suddenly lit up.
Afterwards, a ray of energy whizzed out, and slammed into Tang Yun’s long sword, and instantly dispelled Tang Yun’s attack.
At the same time, the figure of Moon God appeared in front of Ye Fan, blocking him behind him.
“If you kill her, I will kill you.”
The faint words did not contain the slightest emotion.

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Didn’t I said that Ye Fan is so arrogant!
Your Mom didn’t ask for vengeance,your mom didn’t die neither any of your men but you killed so many people in the mountain,that wasn’t even enough for you. Yet you are still arrogant and won’t accept your flaw!
I just wonder why moon god is fighting for him,just carry him and get out from there jarhe!
There is notting anyone can say to persuade me,Ye Fan is too full of himself!

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