A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 35

His wife was so humiliated by others, even a man could not bear it, and Ye Fan was no exception.
At this time, the auction will continue, and the prices of subsequent lots will undoubtedly become more expensive.

“The next exhibit may not be very interesting to the gentlemen present here. But ladies and madams, you will definitely be excited.”
“Yes, our next auction item is regarded as life by women, high heels!”
The loud voice of the auctioneer slowly sounded, but when he heard this, many men still shook their heads and smiled. Obviously, he only thinks that the auctioneer is playing mystery in order to arouse the atmosphere.
The auctioneer seemed to have anticipated everyone’s reaction, and still said with a smile: “Sirs, please don’t laugh. Just as we women don’t understand your men’s dedication to cars, you also don’t understand, our women’s hot spots for high heels .Perhaps, you will never know what high heels represent to a woman with elegant taste?
“A pair of beautiful couples is as important as a pair of beautiful high heels.”
“And this pair in my hand is also known as the “noble queen” in high heels. The top French shoe Christian Louboutin, also known as “red sole.”
“You will never know how charming a woman wearing red soles is. Red soles are like lipstick on shoes, which makes people unconsciously want to kiss, plus the exposed toes. That sexy and charming is Indescribable.”
“Do you know a dance party many years ago? At the inaugural ball for President Obama’s re-election, Michelle, the first lady of the United States, wore red high heels with a red dress. Although her confident gaze could not conquer the world, she at least conquered that The most powerful man in the world.” First website m.
“Naked slender feet, red cardamom, deduction of superior elegance. This is the temptation that a woman cannot resist in her life.”
Worthy of being the famous auctioneer of the top auction house, her words undoubtedly completely captured the hearts of the women in the audience.
“Husband, I want~”
“Buy me?”
“High heels are really important to us women!”
The audience is already full of noise. Almost all women are acting coquettishly at their men.
Naturally, Lin Qian couldn’t sit still, and acted like a baby in front of Wang Yu’s various temptations, so Wang Yu had to photograph her high heels.
“If you don’t buy it for me, you don’t want to touch me for the rest of your life!”
Lin Qian threatened with anger, what else could Wang Yu do, for the sake of her own sexual life, she had to compromise.
“My dear, don’t worry, these high-heeled shoes, my husband will get you at all costs!”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng looked at the charming red sole high heels exuding noble luster on the booth, and a charming light appeared in her beautiful eyes.
Yes, as the auctioneer said, naked feet, red cardamom, deduces high elegance. No woman can resist this temptation.
For the first time, Qiu Mucheng was moved.
She picked up the phone and checked her account balance.
She decided to be willful once.
“just one time!”
Qiu Mucheng said to herself, as if she had made a tremendous determination.
“Okay, the auction will begin here. Starting price, 521314!”
More than five hundred and twenty thousand?
I can get rid of Nima!
Hearing the starting price, many men’s faces turned green.
After all, Yunzhou is a four-tier town, and there are not many people willing to buy a pair of shoes with more than 500,000 yuan.
As for Qiu Mucheng, after hearing the price, her pretty face turned white, and she silently turned off the phone, feeling sad and weak in her heart.
“Mucheng, why did you close the phone again?”
“Didn’t you just say you want to be willful once, why, you bought it again?”
Lin Qian seemed to have noticed Qiu Mucheng’s, secretly sneered, but she was so proud of her, she looked at Qiu Mucheng with disdain.
A poor woman who has no money to participate in this kind of high-class party is simply taking her own humiliation!

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