A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 350

He finally got it now. The idiots thought that the little gentleman in his mouth was the stunned man named Sun Yuhao in front of him.
“Xiaoxin, did their bill come out? Don’t forget to include the bottle of wine and the teacup that was damaged by them. That is a set of tea sets made by famous Jingdezhen masters. If they break a complete set, they will be useless. Let them Pay at the full price.” Peng Zhenhua then looked at the waitress at the cashier again.
The waiter nodded: “Well, manager, as you ordered before, it has been counted in, totaling 693,000,600.”
“Very well, take a whole, six hundred and ninety thousand yuan. Take the money, Master Sun!” Peng Zhenhua stood with his hand in his hand and sneered.
But Han Li and the others were dumbfounded: “What is 690,000? Didn’t you just say that you give us a discount?”
“And that wine, didn’t you give it to us? Why do you charge for it?”
“You are fraud, you are deceiving~”
Cheating you paralyzed!
Seeing this stupid woman yelling here again, Peng Zhenhua finally couldn’t bear the anger, and slapped Han Li directly on the ground.
At that time, Han Li was beaten up and cried, covering her face.
However, where did Peng Zhenhua bother about it, he still cursed angrily: “Do you still get a discount?”
“Give you wine?”
“You guys are a shit!”
“In the eyes of the director, you are just shit.”
“It’s the little sir that I am fond of, not you idiots.”
“What face do you have for me to give you a discount!”
“Furthermore, Lao Tzu’s wine was given to the young gentleman. The young gentleman didn’t drink a sip, so I let you drink it all. Who will take the money if you don’t take the money?”
Thinking of what happened before, Peng Zhenhua became very angry. Now these idiots even dared to mention it, Peng Zhenhua was naturally furious, slapped in the anger and slapped it directly, and directly stunned these people.
Peng Zhenhua’s surging power undoubtedly shook everyone, and Sun Yuhao and the others were pale and panicked, and they didn’t dare to say a word of nonsense.
“Hurry up and bring some money?!”
“You can’t miss a point!” Peng Zhenhua shouted again.
Sun Yuhao’s old face was trembling, and he said tremblingly: “Peng…Peng, can you call me the money tomorrow? I don’t have enough money in my card.”
Sun Yuhao Cary also has one hundred thousand cash. It was nearly 700,000 all at once, and even he needed time to turn around.
After all, when he came to eat before, he didn’t expect to eat so much at once. He thought that one hundred thousand yuan would be more than enough to eat?
But who would have thought it would be such a result.
“not enough?”
“It’s my shit!”
“Today I will leave the words alone. If you don’t pay, no one is allowed to leave!”
“The security guard, show me a few of them. If any of you let go of one, just roll me up immediately!”
In the end, Sun Yuhao and his party were still controlled in the Haiyuan Pavilion and looked at like dogs. The diners all around laughed and watched, as if watching a group of jokes.
After a good meal, Han Li and others naturally felt extremely ashamed.
“Yuhao, aren’t you the rich second generation?”
“Call your dad and ask your dad to give you money.”
“I can’t afford to be held here, it’s a shame~” Han Li was still talking there.
“I use you to speak? I didn’t see that I was thinking of a solution!” Sun Yuhao’s face was pale, and he replied angrily.
If it weren’t for her to be Qiu Mucheng’s mother, Sun Yuhao would kick the old lady to death with a 414e18e8 foot.
Does she have a face to say?
If it weren’t for her to order so many dishes later, she also broke other people’s tea cups, just thinking about getting someone’s wine at a bargain, how could they end up like this today?

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