A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 354

Various festivals, shopping malls, boxes after boxes of mooncakes are almost piled up at the door of major stores, placed in the most conspicuous position.
“Now in this society, you can see a bit of festive atmosphere in the mall.” At the door of the mall, Ye Fan carried a large bag and looked at the lively atmosphere in the mall, but couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing.
“Hey, what are you doing so slowly? Why don’t you follow?”
“It’s so slow to mention something, why do you want it?” Susie’s impatient urging sound came from the front.
Ye Fan was speechless for a while, and suddenly wailed: “I said Miss Su, Meimei Su, can we buy less things, can’t we spend money like this?”
“How many big bags do you have, do you want to buy?”
Ye Fan now finally saw the fighting power of the prodigal maidens. At this time, Ye Fan was almost overwhelmed by those handbags, but Susie and Qiu Mucheng had no intention of giving up.
Qiu Mucheng is better. Although I bought a lot of them, they are all practical household items. The most expensive is a lipstick of two or three hundred. But Susie is a lunatic. She only bought five high heels. Double, but also the same style.
I also found an excuse to say that I had a phobia of choice, and I didn’t know which color to choose, so I simply bought a pair of various colors.
Ye Fan stayed at that time, can this damn play still like this?
It seems that what the ancients said was correct. In this world, it is really difficult to raise only the villains and women. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It’s better for my own wife, who will live and know how to save money for her husband.”
Ye Fan felt contented for a while.
Sure enough, this wife is all compared.
“856200d9 shut up!”
“Can you shout beautiful women?”
“Are you talking to this lady?”
“You honestly confess, are you coveting this lady’s beauty?”
“Huh, you countryman is really not a good thing, eating from the bowl and looking at the pot. Wouldn’t a man like Mucheng keep it for the New Year?”
Susie also seemed to be very confident about her charm. Ye Fan only yelled a word, and Susie thought it was Ye Fan who was seduce her.
In the end, Susie raised her snow-white chin, looked at Ye Fan condescendingly, and said proudly: “This lady is so cute, and the flowers bloom. It’s normal for you to covet me. But I still advise you. In a word, you should die this heart early.”
“Not to mention that you are not good enough for Miss Ben. The most important thing is that Miss Ben already has someone in his heart.”
“I, Susie, can only be Mr. Chu’s woman in this life.”
“Mr. Chu will not marry!”
“Mr. Chu, do you know? At the beginning, the manpower at the foot of Mount Tai turned the tide and saved the entire Jiangdong, so that all the bigwigs in the 18 cities of Jiangdong were regarded as masters and stood on the top of Jiangdong’s power.”
“That’s an ordinary person in the sky, you have never heard of it, right?”
Susie was talking, but her apricot eyes were blurred, with inexplicable light. When she said Mr. Chu’s name, her tone was full of admiration and admiration. Monkeys are average.
When Susie first said these words, Ye Fan didn’t care much, just found a seat to sit down and drink water.
At first Ye Fan thought that Mr. Chu in Susie’s mouth was her classmate or childhood sweetheart, but when she heard Susie’s words about Taishan’s military power to turn the tide, Ye Fan was shocked, and the mineral water in her mouth pouted. With a sound, a mouthful came out directly.
“Chu…Mr. Chu?”
“Also…or…is he not getting married?”
“do not!”
Ye Fan’s face turned black at the time, and he almost cried with bitterness while coughing violently from the water.
Second Austria!
Wife’s best friend is dependent on herself?
This special mother, what a thing.
If the wife knows, she still has to chop herself?

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