A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 356

Susie is obviously not a big cold to them, especially if Han Wenxue marries an old man who is more than 20 years older than herself for money, or a junior high in the ranks to destroy others’ marriages. But no way, her father’s friend, she couldn’t be rude.
“Cici, come and sit together.”
“Also, don’t call your wife and wife in the future. You can earn a lot. Just call me Sister Han.” Han Wenxue called Susie and the others to come and sit together.
But after seeing Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan behind Su Qian, he immediately smiled and asked: “Cici, it’s okay, these two random followers are so beautiful, and that little brother, Although they are not well dressed, they are handsome and pleasing to the eye.”
“Little brother, how much money your President Su will give you in January, I will double it for you, how about doing it with me?”
Han Wenxue looked at Ye Fan, smiling almost playfully.
Susie suddenly replied in embarrassment: “Sister Han, you are misunderstanding. They are not my subordinates. This is my girlfriend Qiu Mucheng, and the one over there is Mucheng’s husband.”
“Qiu Mucheng?” Han Wenxue raised her eyebrows as if she was familiar with the name, and finally smiled suddenly, “It won’t be the third miss of the Qiu family. Three years ago, the third miss of the Qiu family married a scumbag. Husband visiting, there was a lot of rumors in Yunzhou back then. Wouldn’t that person be you?”
“Unexpectedly, after hearing the name for a long time, I finally saw it today. It’s an honor.”
“Come on, Miss Qiu, sit down. Xiaofang, come and get Miss Qiu a cup of coffee.”
Han Wenxue is extremely enthusiastic, but fools can see the ridicule and playfulness in Han Wenxue’s words.
Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s gaze, she also looked at an odd joke.
Feeling the strange gazes of everyone around, Qiu Mucheng lowered her head and didn’t say anything.
When Susie saw this, she quickly turned aside the subject and helped her best friend.
“Sister Han, this necklace you bought looks good, how much is it?”
“This, is it really good-looking? I’ll give it to you if it looks good, it’s not expensive anyway, just a few hundred thousand.” Han Wenxue faintly pretended to be forced, chatting with Susie and others.
But chatting between women is just about clothes, jewelry and bags, of course, men are indispensable.
“Cici, do you know Mr. Chu who is famous recently in Jiangdong?”
“It is said that just a few days ago, the army suddenly emerged and it became the sky of the whole Jiangdong. Even Li Erye of Yunzhou also respects him.” Han Wenxue exclaimed.
When Susie heard this, she suddenly became energetic: “Wow, sister Han, do you know Mr. Chu too?”
“Mr. Chu’s fame battle I was still there. Let me tell you, Mr. Chu was so handsome at the time, so he swiped at the sky and the big villain flew out, just like watching a movie.”
Susie seemed to have found a confidant, and both of them kept talking there. That radiant look is simply a naked little fan.
Ye Fan’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch.
He thought that his identity should not be exposed, he didn’t want to be entangled by women like Susie.
“What? You said Mr. Chu is likely to appear at the Mid-Autumn Festival night auction, or is it in Yunzhou?”
“My God~”
“Really, Sister Han?”
“Meaning I can see Mr. Chu with my own eyes?” Susie was almost agitated.
Han Wenxue smiled and nodded, as if because he was well informed, he spoke with pride and contentment: “Yes.”
“Moreover, I not only know that Mr. Chu will go, I also know that a mysterious lot of Mr. Chu will appear at the auction.”

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