A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3569

“By the way, promise me any wish you just said?”

“Then I will let you take me shopping, I want to buy a lot of clothes…”

“You stole my clothes in the Chu family’s old house, but the master still remembers?”

“The master of the sect makes you pay back a hundred times…”

“Don’t look at it, it’s the one you bought…”

Tang Yun glared at Ye Fan fiercely, because this guy was staring at her chest dishonestly.

It seems to be looking at whether Tang Yun is still wearing the black lace underwear he bought before…


“and also.”

“You have to take me to eat hot pot and barbecue…”

“I want to eat all of your hot summer food…”


“You will also take me to travel around your famous mountains and rivers, like West Lake, Tianshan…Yellow River…Taishan…”


Tang Yun talked endlessly, like a girl who had fallen in love for the first time, imagining all beautiful and joyful things.

That way, it was as if Ye Fan had to make up for all the good things that he hadn’t experienced.

“Good, good.”

“All satisfy you.”

On the vast sea, a huge cruise ship chopped the waves.

But Ye Fan and Tang Yun were planning the future.

After this conversation, all the gloom before Tang Yun was wiped out, and her mood instantly improved.

Especially when I think that in the future, I can live with the person I like and the little guy far away in Jiangdong. Tang Yun, who is used to the loneliness, suddenly has an inexplicable warmth and expectation.

Of course, there are gains and losses.

Tang Yun is also very clear about what leaving tonight means to her.

Power, status, all the prosperity and glory she once had, will be lost.

From now on, she is just his lover and his mother

For Tang Yun, this is undoubtedly an earth-shaking change and a completely new life.

However, she will work hard to do a good job in this new role.

Just for the man in front of me, and the child she put in Jiangdong.

“Ye Fan, look, the sun is about to come out.”

On the deck, there was a gust of cold wind and the waves rolled.

Tang Yun has a long skirt with picturesque eyebrows.

The stunning face almost made the world lose its brilliance.

With a bright smile, she leaned on Ye Fan’s shoulder, pointed to the far east, and said softly.

“Yeah, it’s going to dawn.”

Ye Fan hugged her beautiful woman in her arms and whispered.

At the end of the world ahead, the darkness dissipated like a tide, and the light began to show up little by little.

However, just when the two of them were cuddling each other and looking at the coveted eastern land together, in the dark night, a figure appeared quietly.

Neither Ye Fan nor Tang Yun noticed his arrival.

That kind of feeling, the person in front of me, seemed to appear out of thin air.

With a weird look, Ling’s Ye Fan was instantly alert.

However, before Ye Fan asked who came, the next moment, Ye Fan only felt that the beautiful woman in her arms trembled suddenly.

Then, in Tang Yun’s panic gaze, she quickly left Ye Fan’s arms.

“Yun’er, you…”

Ye Fan was in doubt.

But Tang Yun was already panicked, lowered her head towards the people in front of her.

“Old… teacher, I…”


Hearing Tang Yun’s words, Ye Fan’s eyes suddenly widened.

He immediately turned around and looked at the figure deep in the dark night again.

Sure enough, as the distance between the opponents got closer, Ye Fan gradually saw his face clearly.

It was Tang Yun’s teacher and Chu Yuan’s former master, Chu Yuan!

On the top of the vast sea, he stepped on the void and walked on the sky-.

The long sky, under his feet, was flat on the ground.

At first glance, it was still kilometers away.

When I looked again, they were already in front of the two.

He was condescending, his indifferent gaze fell on Tang Yun’s body.

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