A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3576

Under the surprise, Xu Lei immediately hugged Ye Fan, with a pretty face buried in Ye Fan’s chest, complaining full of resentment.

“Mr. Chu is awake?”

“Mr. Xu, really, is Mr. Chu really awake?”

Li Er and the others, who heard the movement, also ran in.

But as soon as I entered the door, I saw Xu Lei snuggling in Ye Fan’s arms, talking about lovesickness and crying, Li Er stopped empathetic and retreated.

“Second, what are you doing in a daze, going in?” Lei Laosan didn’t wince, still scolding Li Er for dulling.

However, Li Er pulled Lei San directly out: “You old thing, you don’t wink at all.”

“Didn’t you see Mr. Chu and Mr. Xu talking…”

“A person like you, if it weren’t for a bit of money, would have been bachelor for a lifetime.”

Li Er cursed outside.

After waiting for a long time, Xu Lei, who had beautiful eyes with red and swollen eyes, called Li Er and the others in.

“Brother Xiaofan is still very weak, don’t delay him too long.” Xu Lei reminded.

“Mr. Xu, don’t worry, we are just visiting Mr. Xia Chu.”

Li Er and the others replied, and then all of Ye Fan’s men rushed in.

However, when they saw Ye Fan’s haggard and pale face, Li Er, Lei Lao San, Chen Ao, and Long Baichuan, the three dragon kings, had red eyes unconsciously.

With a bang, Li Er and others knelt down in front of the bed, with sad eyes and tears.

“Mr. Chu…”

“Dragon Lord…”

“It’s me who is incompetent!”

“You can’t share the worries with the dragon lord!”

“Just let the dragon master…”

Li Er they really hate, hate their shallow ability.

On the frontal battlefield, he could hardly help Ye Fan at all.

Ye Fan was wounded and dying, they could only kneel here and watch, and they couldn’t even avenge Ye Fan.

“All… get up, it has nothing to do with you.”

“You…you have done a good job.”

“Yes… it’s me, I underestimated Truman.”

Ye Fan leaned on the bed, his pale face showed a weak smile.

After a brief period of sadness, Ye Fan asked Xiang Li Er about their current situation and situation.

Ye Fan can ignore his own life and death, but these people in front of him, he always wants to take them back safely.

“Mr. Chu, I’m in the East China Sea in the scorching summer ahead.”

“At most one day, we can reach the motherland!”

“At that time, we will be safe.”

“Those bastards will never hurt us again.” Li Erxin said with joy.

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

“We are going home safely.”

“Gangdong’s fathers and elders have a blind date, are they waiting for you over there?”

Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others were also happily talking.

These days, Ye Fan is unconscious, and Chen Ao and their hearts are also hanging.

One was worried about Ye Fan, but worried about Chumen chasing him down.

It can be said that no one has had a good night’s sleep.

But now, everything is about to change for the better.

They will return to the motherland soon!

No matter how arrogant Chu Sect was, he couldn’t really dare to kill a large army in the hinterland of the hot summer.

This is an invasion!

One million troops in the hot summer is not a display.

“Yeah, I’m going home soon, that’s great.”

Ye Fan followed with a smile.

But his inner emotions are undoubtedly complicated.

A few days ago, when he left Jiangdong, he was still No. 1 on the rosy list.

Now when I return to Jiangdong, the prosperity is gone, and he is dying.

Ye Fan suddenly realized that the overlord of Western Chu, who was defeated in Wujiang a thousand years ago, didn’t dare to cross Jiangdong.

“Where is she? Is she still there?” Ye Fan asked suddenly.

“She? Who, is Mr. Chu talking about the daughter of He Lanshan?” Li Er was puzzled, thinking that Ye Fan was asking about He Yurou’s situation.

Ye Fan shook his head.

Chen Ao thought of something and asked, “Mr. Chu is asking, the veiled woman who came with you?”

“She seems to be gone.”

“After you were unconscious, you never saw her again.”

Ye Fan didn’t say a word, but his originally apathetic eyes dimmed a bit again.

Inwardly, a kind of unspeakable sadness and loss suddenly surged.

After all, he still failed to take her away.

“I’ve been in a coma, how many days have it been?” Ye Fan asked again after a brief silence.

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