A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3577

“Almost, it’s been seven days.”

Li Er thought for a while, and then replied.

Ye Fan immediately frowned upon hearing this, and then said: “Is the cruise ship sailing at the fastest speed now?”

Li Er shook his head: “It shouldn’t be. It feels a lot slower than the previous few days.”

“Go ahead with the notice, go ahead at full speed, and arrive at the border waters of the summer heat in the fastest time.”

“In addition, let everyone not relax. Before arriving in the hot summer, be sure to maintain a high level of vigilance.”

Ye Fan suddenly became serious and said solemnly.

When Long Baichuan heard the words, they were a little confused. Especially Li Er and Chen Ao, they are even more incomprehensible.

“Mr. Chu, I don’t think it is necessary, right?”

“For so many days, we have already left the American continent for nearly 10,000 miles.”

“And, one day, we will be in the hot summer.”

“The most dangerous time has passed.”

“You don’t know, these days when you were in a coma, we maintained a high level of alert, but everything was calm.”

“I guess, Truman’s people have given up chasing.”

“Moreover, we have all ran here. At this time, the people of Truman will not be able to catch up anymore.”

“Mr. Chu can sit back and relax.”

Li Er and the others all smiled, and there was no urgency in their words, but there was a kind of ease of returning home in triumph.

This time so many of them went to Chumen Mountain. Although they could not help Ye Fan defeat Chumen, they at least brought Ye Fan back safely.

From this perspective, their character this time is undoubtedly a success.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is triumphant.

“Yes, Dragon Lord.”

“These days, my brothers stay on guard day and night.”

“The spirit has been in a state of high tension for many days.”

“I’m going home soon, and I should take a good rest.”

Long Baichuan also said from the side.

Obviously, with so many people present, they felt that they were safe.

After all, the sea here is far away from Truman’s sphere of influence, and there is no need to worry as much as before.

But Ye Fan’s words were firm, and he couldn’t help everyone to persuade him.

“Listen to me, let everyone stick to the last day!”

“When I return home safely, I will let you all rest and recuperate!”

Although Ye Fan’s words were weak, his firm tone could not tolerate anyone’s questioning.

In desperation, Long Baichuan and the others had to obey, let the ship move forward at full speed, and raised the defense to the highest level.

After the discussion was over, everyone dispersed, and did not disturb Ye Fan to recuperate.

Xu Lei stayed beside Ye Fan, taking care of him.

Xu Lei undoubtedly cherished this time alone with Ye Fan.

She knew very well that when she returned to Jiangdong in the hot summer, the man in front of her would no longer belong to her.

“Brother Xiaofan, are you too careful?”

“Could it be that the people of Chumen dare to kill before they reach the gate of the country?”

“Unless they want to start a national war.”

“Otherwise, I definitely don’t think they dare to make trouble on the border of our motherland.”

“After all, the power of the Martial God Temple should not be underestimated in local combat.”

Xu Lei whispered while peeling an apple for Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan shook his head: “Leier, I’ve already been the one who walked before the gate of ghosts. In fact, I have already seen my life and death a long time ago.”

“But I can ignore life and death, but I can’t ignore you.”

“You are in danger because of me, and I am really afraid that I can’t take you back safely.”

“My Chu Tianfan’s voice has affected enough people. I really don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

Ye Fan spoke slowly, but in his words, he was very heavy and guilty.

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Maybe 5 years haha.
I was wondering why yefan is feeling complicated going back to yanxia. I thought he will still be no.1 in the sky list ? Why will he lose his prosperity even if Truman will take revenge ?

All the author does is talking talking, it keeps getting annoying by the day bcus I’m not see result just the same old thing we all know we’ll keep doing your thing thanks SMNOVELS

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