A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3579

Hot summer.

Yanshan, Wushen Temple.

The three titled masters of Juggernaut, King of Fighters, and Haotian gathered.

Of course, there are also the little king of fighters who have just entered the title.

At the foot of Yanshan Mountain, the wind was bitter and the sky was full of snow.

The cold wind from Siberia swept across the world like a wild beast.

At this time, in the hall of the Wushen Temple, the heating has been turned on to the maximum.

However, the atmosphere here is still as cold as ice.

“Juggernaut, the matter has been completely upset.”

“The martial arts leaders of all countries are all involved.”

“What’s more, there is another Chu Yuan who is most likely to be a strong god in the realm!”

“It can be said that the martial arts power of the entire world has been affected.”

“Summer, it’s dangerous…”

Looking at the red urgent files gathered by all parties at the table, Tang Hao and others were solemn and anxious.

For hundreds of years, how hot are they, they have never faced such a crisis?

Back then, the strong from Chumen came to commit the crime, but it was only a force from the Chumen side.

But now, the martial arts leaders from all over the world have arrived.

It is conceivable that now it has become a hot summer temple of martial arts, what pressure is facing.

“It’s all to blame on Chu Tianfan!”

“He is really crazy, why must he go to provoke Truman?”

“When the first sect of the world was the first sect, how can you resist it as a descendant?”

“Now, has brought me such a severe disaster in the summer?”

The King of Fighters is undoubtedly anxious.

As the master of the Temple of Martial Arts, they shoulder the stability of the entire family and country.

Now that the country is in danger, how can they not hate Ye Fan.

After all, all of this was due to Ye Fan!

From beginning to end, Ye Fan was the initiator of this incident.

“The King of Fighters, you can’t say that.”

“People Chu Tianfan publicly announced that they have nothing to do with my Martial God Temple, and all his actions are his personal actions.”

“Perhaps, he didn’t want to involve me in the summer.”

Tang Hao explained from the side.

“Don’t want to be involved?”

“Then if Chu Tianfan really doesn’t want to involve me in the summer, why does he still run to our side?”

“It’s all right now, we have been completely pushed to the cusp of the storm by him in the summer.”

“It’s not a fight, and it’s not a fight. What do you think we should do?”

The more the King of Fighters thought about it, the more angry he got, and his palm crackled.

“I said long ago that this Chu Tianfan is a disaster.”

“When he was still weak, I suggest you kill him in the cradle.”

“But if you don’t listen, give him the title.”

“What about it now? I can’t deal with it at once, right?”

The King of Fighters said coldly, Tang Hao and others lowered their heads and did not speak.

“This is the end of the matter, what’s the point of saying this?”

“Is there a message from God of War?”

“Has the person who sent the God of War come back?”

The Juggernaut was expressionless, just asking about the situation of the God of War Ye Qingtian.

The son of the King of Fighters, the Little King of Fighters replied, “Uncle Sword Saint, all the people we sent are back.”

“I can’t find Uncle Ye at all.”

“This old Ye, what are you running around all day? Every critical moment, no one can be found.” Tang Hao stomped anxiously.

“If you can’t find it, don’t find it.”

“We are not waiting either.”

“Go straight ahead.”

The Juggernaut sighed, and then no longer hesitated, and was going to pass with Tang Hao and the others.

“But Juggernaut, what should we do if we go?”

“Then Chu Tianfan, protect or not?”

“As for Truman, how should we communicate with them?”

“You have to set an attitude for us.”

Today the situation is too complicated.

The forces of all parties converge.

And because of Ye Fan’s Yanxia people, Yanxia martial arts was also pushed to the forefront.

Now, martial arts all over the world are looking at their Wushen Temple, wanting to know what the Wushen Temple’s attitude is on this matter.

Facing the enquiries from the King of Fighters and others, the Juggernaut only replied a word.

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