A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 363

“Mrs. Han, as you said before, everyone has their own circle.”
“The infield is filled with top powers from all over Jiangdong. Even if they are worth a billion, they are not eligible to get involved. This kind of circle is not something that Mrs. Han can go to.-”
“Even if you go, it’s a shame and shame.”
The faint voice echoed here for a long time.
Qiu Mucheng looked at Han Wenxue in front of her with a smile, her delicate and pretty face, that smile was so gentle, that made people feel like spring breeze.
However, Han Wenxue in front of her, listening to such familiar words, her face was blushing, her head lowered and her speechless, almost impenetrable.
Of course Han Wenxue heard that the words Qiu Mucheng had just said were her words that humiliated Qiu Mucheng before.
Now that he was returned intact, Han Wenxue was of course ashamed. He only felt that his face was sweeping, and his old face was flushed almost like pig’s feet.
When the passers-by saw this, they all shook their heads and smiled, looking at Han Wenxue’s gaze, as if looking at a joke.
Han Wenxue naturally didn’t have the face to stay here anymore, and quickly walked away with something dingy.
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“Mucheng, it’s good.”
“Have you seen her unpleasant?”
“Look at her arrogant and invincible look just now.”
“It’s just a junior. I really don’t know where she is proud of?”
Seeing Han Wenxue’s blushing old face strayed away, Susie only felt happy.
After that, the two did not stay long, and turned around and left the mall.
“What are you doing in a daze?
“Damn, you idiot, you are still asleep?”
“My wife has been insulted. You can still sleep as a husband. You have a big heart!”
“You are a person like you. It’s been bad for Mucheng to marry you for eight lifetimes.” Susie glared at the man who had been sleeping on the sofa, and she was immediately angry.
Then Susie did not wait for him, pulling Qiu Mucheng and hurried to the parking lot.
Ye Fan gave a wry smile, stretched his waist, and carried his things to catch up.
However, just as Ye Fan bent over to pick up the things he bought, a man in a suit didn’t pay attention to his feet, and he ran into him and kicked several bags down. The man in the suit staggered a few steps and almost fell.
“Where’s the thing that doesn’t have eyes?”
“Dare to trip Laozi!”
“Don’t want to live?”
Jin Bao was angry at the time, and turned around and cursed.
However, when he saw the person in front of him clearly, the anger on Jin Bao’s face suddenly froze.
The whole person was like a leaky ball, and then it withered.
“Chu…Mr. Chu, I’m sorry, I didn’t see that it was you~”
Jin Bao was scared to pee at the time, and he almost cried, stunned and said in panic.
He had patronized Qiu Mucheng before, but he hadn’t noticed that Ye Fan was here.
Now that the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple and accidentally offended Ye Fan, Jin Bao was so frightened that he kept bowing to apologize to Ye Fan with a bitter face.
The passers-by were stunned to see this scene.
Isn’t this the husband named Miss Qiu just now?
Isn’t it just an incompetent son-in-law?
How does this make those people so fearful and respectful?
“Could it be that it is not that Miss Qiu who is really awesome, but this seemingly ordinary man?”
“Or, the ticket to the auction was given to this man?”
Many people onlookers just now had their eyes widened, and there was a storm in their hearts.

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