A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3672

At this time, the sky was still bright.

In the far east, there is only a touch of fish maw white.

In a single-family villa by the West Lake, a middle-aged man stayed up all night.

The energy in the dantian surged, and the real essence galloped under the tendons.

Then, a punch burst out suddenly like a river bursting!


With a low roar, the bluestone in front of him exploded.

Torn apart!

If ordinary people see it, they will be shocked.

But the middle-aged man shook his head, and in depression, he punched the wall directly beside him.

“Damn it!”

“Or not?”

“Without the guidance of Senior Mortal Xinghuo, I can’t continue to practice this Thunder Guidance Technique!”

“If I can’t practice the power of thunder, what will I, Lu Ziming, take revenge for my son? What can I use to destroy Jiang Dong!”

The more Lu Ziming thought about it, the more anxious he became.

Unwilling, angry, powerless…

All kinds of emotions filled his heart, and Lu Ziming, whose eyes were red, slammed his fist on the ground again, and the huge force made his fists overflow with blood.

For so long, the account belonging to Mortal Star Fire on the forum has never been lit up again.

Although Lu Ziming had a hard time accepting it, he had to admit that Fanchen Xinghuo had really left the Yanxia martial arts.

In the future, Thunder Guidance is destined to become the unfinished masterpiece in the martial arts world!

Lu Ziming has practiced for so many years, but he did not expect such a result in the end.

Of course he is not reconciled!

“Why, why is Senior Fanchen walking in such a hurry?”

“Even if you teach me one more time, let me break through the second shackles of the Thunder Guidance Technique!”

Lu Ziming clenched his palm tightly, because his heart was depressed, his fingertips were deeply immersed in flesh and blood.

He hates it!

He is really not reconciled!

During the Battle of West Lake, the Lu family was annihilated.

His only son was forced to death by Ye Fan.

Back then, Lu Ziming was almost disheartened.

Several times I wanted to follow my relatives away.

However, he is not reconciled!

He wants revenge!

It was precisely because of this idea that he tenaciously persevered and returned to Jiangbei to gather up his old division.

“If it can’t be done in ten years, then twenty years, fifty years, one hundred years!

As long as my Lu family keeps burning, Chu Tianfan, my Lu family will kill you eventually! ”

Revenge has almost become the only meaning of Lu Ziming’s life in this world.

Later, when the news of Ye Fan’s fall came, Lu Ziming was still sad and sad for a long time.

As the saying goes, the rabbit dies and the fox grieves.

Ye Fan is dead, who will he seek revenge for?

That night, Lu Ziming suddenly felt that he lost the meaning of life.

However, later Lu Ziming thought of Ye Fan’s relatives and friends, and thought of Jiang Dong.

In life, there must always be a head.

Lu Ziming’s head is Ye Fan’s Jiangdong.

Therefore, he will repair the chain day and night.

But now, the disappearance of Senior Fanchen was another fatal blow to Lu Ziming.

His road to revenge suddenly came to an end.

However, just when Lu Ziming felt that the road ahead was hopeless, a voice came to his mind quietly from the dark night.

“Thunder Guidance, the key is to guide with anger!”

“The key is a quick word!”

“Activate the infuriating energy in the body to make the most majestic burst in the shortest possible time.”

“The so-called power of thunder is actually to make you explode with rage, as fast as thunder!”

“And the method is to contract the muscles and narrow the space for luck!”

Lu Ziming didn’t know where the voice came from.

But now, he can’t even think about it.

Because of the granddaughter who heard these words, Lu Ziming only felt a looming doubt in his heart, as if he saw the sky when he saw the clouds and mist, he suddenly became enlightened.

“Yes indeed!”

“As long as I contract my muscles and compress the space where true qi circulates in my body, I can speed up my luck!”

“You can achieve a powerful burst of power in a short period of time!”

“Like the water of a river, the narrower the water exits, the greater the speed of the water!”

“Ha ha…”

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

As the so-called, a thousand days of doubts, an epiphany.

Lu Ziming finally found a solution to the second bottleneck of the Thunder Guidance Technique, and was immediately overjoyed.

“Ha ha..”

“Thank you for your advice, senior!”

“The junior Lu family’s patriarch Lu Ziming, my father Qingyun’s title, Lu Songliang!”

“I don’t know if I can be lucky enough to meet the senior!”

In addition to being overjoyed, Lu Ziming looked around, immediately clasped his fists and bowed.

Respectful speech and humble attitude.

Even the title of Qingyun moved out.

Although he died on the day he was awarded the title, he was still a titled grandmaster after all, so saying it has some weight.

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In the old days, Anyone that threatens the safety of MuCheng would be punished severely. Here they call the Police. And another side story. We all know whatever happens LuZiming could never touch YeFan, his father a supreme grandmaster was nailed to a pillar him being just a grandmaster level stood no chance. And if my memory serves me right, Jiangbei was once ruled by Lu Songliang and his family then the Zhang Family why it is now the Meng Family?

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