A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 37

Lin Qian seemed to be concerned, but her almost charitable tone made Qiu Mucheng very uncomfortable.
Lin Qian deliberately said her voice loudly. At this time, many people around her also looked over, intentionally or unintentionally at the pair of off-brand high heels on Qiu Mucheng’s feet, with a slight sneer and smile in her eyebrows.
The gaze of the people around me deeply stung Qiu Mucheng like a thorn. She lowered her head, and quietly curled her feet under the seat.
Lin Qian felt even more proud when she saw this.
Steal the limelight with me, Qiu Mucheng, are you worthy?
Yes, what Lin Qian wanted to see most was to make Qiu Mucheng lose her face.
She 1528c5b9 wanted to take back all the limelight that Qiu Mucheng had robbed in college.
“Sixty-one thousand five thousand, this gentleman came out sixty-one thousand five thousand.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, is there any higher bid?”
The auctioneer looked around, the auction hammer in his hand was ready to knock down.
In the hall, no one responded, and no one bid with it again. Remember to read in one second
Everyone is not a fool. When the price exceeds the value of the item, unless there is a special reason, everyone will naturally not bid again.
When Wang Yu saw this, the corners of his mouth were already cocked. It seems that this time, it is really stable.
However, when the auctioneer was preparing to make a final decision, who would have thought that Lin Qian was unwilling to be lonely, and specifically turned to ask Xiang Xiang, who was bidding with her for the white jade hairpin.
“This gentleman, just now you were so majestic and unstoppable. Why are you now? Why don’t you bid for it?”
“Are you out of money?”
“Are you scared by the high price of these high heels?”
“You nouveau riche I know best, and I just put on some small things to force the limelight. For real treasures, you don’t even have the courage to bid.”
Lin Qian was ridiculing her wits and looked like a villain.
In her opinion, this masked man is just an ignorant upstart, not really rich. Otherwise, the auction will take so long, so why can we only take that one hosta? It’s not the budget.
“A nouveau riche dare to pretend to be forceful in front of my mother!”
“Have you been honest this time?”
Lin Qian snorted, then sat with her hands in her arms, waiting for the auctioneer to drop the hammer and deliver the things to her.
“Seven hundred thousand!”
The next moment, a deep voice sounded quietly.
In this silent hall, it was especially loud.
The masked man finally bid again after a long silence.
As the saying goes, if you don’t talk, it’s a blockbuster.
Ye Fan horrified everyone just the first time he bid. The bid of 700,000 yuan, as if slapped Lin Qian’s face, Lin Qian was dumbfounded.
She didn’t expect that this masked man would really dare to bid?
“Is this guy crazy?”
“The direct price increase is as fast as 100,000!”
“Low-key local tyrant~”
The crowd exploded in an instant. In the hall, many people looked sideways, watching the simple dress of the masked man, many people secretly sighed.
“So handsome!” In the crowd, a young girl became idiot.
“Handsome your sister, they didn’t even take off their masks. How can you tell that you are handsome?” A man was speechless.
“Just handsome, a man is handsome if he has money, what’s the matter?”
Many people have begun to pay attention to this mysterious masked man.
At this time, Wang Yu’s old face turned green immediately, and the anger in his heart wanted to slap Lin Qian’s wicked lady.
“Your special mother is sick, right?”
“It’s okay, what do you encourage him to do?”
“Don’t think our family has a lot of money?”
He could have won six hundred and one hundred thousand just now, but now it’s all right, and it’s straight to seven hundred thousand.
Wang Yu was mad in his heart.

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