A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 375

Susie spent half an hour in the bathroom before she came out.
It can also be seen how disgusted Susie is towards Ye Fan.
Think about it too, Susie, a rich daughter, was born with a golden spoon.
As for Ye Fan, in his opinion, 983dc22a is just a terrapin from the countryside, and even a poor son-in-law. Ye Fan has almost all the labels she hates.
Walking with Ye Fan, Susie was full of disgust.
Now, she actually used the same porcelain cup as Ye Fan, and the key is to drink the coffee that Ye Fan drank. It is conceivable that Susie’s heart should collapse.
“Orange, what should I do, I was desecrated by this hillbilly, I am not pure anymore.”
“If you say Mr. Chu knows, will you dislike me~”
After Susie came out of the bathroom, she drooped her head and looked dejected, like a deflated leather ball.
Ye Fan only found it ridiculous to hear it behind.
This silly woman, what you just drank was the coffee that “Mr. Chu” had drunk, OK, are you still worried about being rejected? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But Ye Fan would definitely kill him and would not tell Susie that she was Mr. Chu.
He would rather be treated as a waste than to be pestered by Susie, a savage woman.
Of course, Ye Fan actually knew that even if they said it, they wouldn’t believe it.
But Susie’s sadness lasted only a moment, and she was soon attracted by the dazzling diamond ring in front of her.
The first floor sells mostly gold and silver jewelry. Not only the Shanshui Hall, but also those large shopping malls for hundreds of years, jewelry is often placed on the first floor.
“Mucheng, you can help me see if I marry Mr. Chu, what diamond ring should I buy?”
“how about this?”
“Actually, sapphire and diamond rings are also pretty.”
“Purple diamond is better, highlighting my dignity.”
For any woman, the diamond ring is the thing that cares most about.
After all, it is a symbol of love and the starting point of happiness.
It’s just that Qiu Mucheng was a little speechless: “Cici, it’s too early to wonder if this is too early. After all, we haven’t even seen Mr. Chu’s face.”
“Oh, it’s not early. I call it a rainy day. If you want me to say Mucheng, you also choose to see. When you divorce the poor boy in the future, you will definitely come to buy a diamond ring when you remarry.”
“Choose it now, and buy it when the time comes.”
“But Mucheng, you have to find a rich man to marry again. Just like the poor boy, you will buy fake diamond rings.”
When she said this, Susie was looking at the shiny ring that Qiu Mucheng was injured.
It seemed that Susie took the diamond ring in Qiu Mucheng’s hand as a fake.
But think about it, the diamond ring in Qiu Mucheng’s hand is really not small, if it is true, at least millions. She knew the situation in Qiu Mucheng’s family, and she definitely couldn’t spend so much money to buy a diamond ring.
“Yeah, it’s a coincidence.”
“We encountered it again.”
“Why, you guys are here to buy a diamond ring too?” While speaking, there was a very familiar voice in front of him.
The person speaking is not someone else, but Qiu Muying.
Before Jin Bao’s hand touched her nose, Qiu Muying and his wife naturally lined in honestly.
They came here today not only for fun, but also for the purpose of buying wedding rings.
After all, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei have been engaged for more than a month, and the agreed wedding date is getting closer and closer.
So they wanted to come here today to pick a wedding ring.

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