A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 384

“I’m here to accompany my wife.” Ye Fan said calmly.
At this time, the call of his wife came from the front, and Ye Fan hurriedly waved his hand in response: “Here is my wife, I will be here.”
Ye Fan yelled, and then said to Shen Fei: “Well, my wife called me, I have to go first. It’s too late to say more, we will talk later when we meet.”
At this time, Shen Fei was still thinking about introducing Han Shaojie to Ye Fan, but Ye Fan didn’t have the time, he turned around and said, and then hurriedly went to look for Qiu Mucheng in a panic.
Looking at the man who had almost no “majesty” in front of his wife, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie twitched at the same time.
Han Shaojie: “A Fei, is he the big man you mentioned?”
Shen Fei: “It should be.”
Han Shaojie: “Why doesn’t it feel like? It’s like an angry son-in-law.”
Shen Fei: “Maybe…big people are like this, there are always some small traits that normal people don’t. For example, afraid of dogs. Or, afraid of wives?”
Shen Fei tried to find a reason to explain.
Han Shaojie thought for a while: “I think I’m still afraid that dogs have more dignity.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Shen Fei: “……”
Seeing Ye Fan’s departure, the two did not stay here for a long time, but went upstairs and went to the Jade Exhibition Hall.

“I asked you to return the diamond ring to Master Shen, have you paid it back?”
“The gift is too expensive, we can’t accept it.”
Seeing Ye Fan coming, Qiu Mucheng asked immediately.
She also didn’t expect that the “lover’s tears” diamond ring was so precious now, it reached tens of millions.
Enough to buy half of the assets of Qiushui Logistics
Of course Qiu Mucheng didn’t dare to accept such a precious thing. She had long wanted to find a chance to return it to Shen Fei, and now she just met, so just now Qiu Mucheng simply asked Ye Fan to return it to others.
However, Ye Fan smiled and said nonsense with his eyes open: “Pay it back, but he doesn’t accept it. It doesn’t mean that this diamond ring is specially made for you. Only you can be worthy of its dignity and elegance. ”
“Then how did you get back?” Qiu Mucheng asked.
Ye Fan continued: “I didn’t respond much, I said he has a good vision, and the heroes see the same.”
Susie next to her just drank a sip of Nongfu Spring, but at this time she spouted all of her chuckles and laughed horribly.
“Mucheng, I found that your door-to-door husband is really the best, too shameless.”
“Return what the hero sees is the same~”
“Are you trying to laugh so hard that I inherited my ant flower?”
Susie was laughing crazy, she just said something polite, Ye Fan, this poor boy is serious?
Qiu Mucheng flushed with anger, and stared at Ye Fan angrily: “Do you say the same when others say it? You won’t be humble?”
“I’m furious!”
“Also, haven’t the diamond ring returned yet?”
“No, he said so, how could I return it. A diamond ring can only shine with the most shining light when it is worn by someone who is suitable for it. It is so suitable for you, so naturally you wear it. As for money, you too There is no need to feel any guilt, a diamond ring, for the life of their entire Shen family, they won’t lose their blood!” Ye Fan said indifferently.
“What’s changing the life of the entire Shen family? Are you clear?” Both Susie and Qiu Mucheng were taken aback.
Ye Fan chuckled: “There is nothing to say, but I saved their lives. The Shen family owes me personal love. Isn’t it logical that I accept them a diamond ring?”
At the beginning, Shen Fei offended Qiu Mucheng, and Ye Fan was furious that he had asked Li’s second child to erase the Shen family in Yunzhou.
In the end, seeing their sincere apology, they simply let them go.
From this perspective, didn’t Ye Fan just saved the lives of their family?

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