A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 387

“Are you the girl who gave Sisi the ticket?”
“It’s really talented.”
“My daughter boasted at home all day that she is unmatched in beauty, has she found an opponent now?” Su Yuanshan laughed.
Qiu Mucheng said modestly: “Mr. Su has a good reputation. Moreover, I am good friends with Cici, so Mr. Su just calls me Mucheng.”
“Well, good. Mucheng, you don’t have to call President Su, just call me Uncle.”
Several people exchanged greetings. But Ling Ye Fan didn’t expect that the daughter he had taught was so headstrong, but Su Yuanshan, who was the father, had no pretensions at all, and seemed very friendly and friendly between his words and behavior.
“Tonight, this auction can be regarded as a grand event in the entire Jiangdong. It is hard to find a ticket for the outfield. But you can get two infield coupons for Mucheng. Uncle estimated that you are not an ordinary person.” Su Yuanshan Asked curiously.
Qiu Mucheng smiled awkwardly: “Uncle, you misunderstood, I’m nothing but~”
However, before Qiu Mucheng finished speaking, Susie hurriedly interjected: “That is. My Mucheng is the boss of a large company, and he is in charge of thousands of people, which is amazing. My Susie’s best friend, of course Not an ordinary person.””
Susie proudly boasted in front of her father and brother.
After all, her father and brother have always said that she does not seek improvement, but only knows that having fun is hard to achieve. Of course she couldn’t let go of such a good opportunity to raise her eyebrows. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The higher she blows Qiu Mucheng, the more face she is a girlfriend.
Networking is also a kind of own ability!
“Oh, at a young age, you manage a company with thousands of people?”
“No wonder you can get the infield coupon!”
“The younger generation is terrifying, the younger generation is terrifying.”
“I am an elder, I am ashamed!” Sure enough, Su Yuanshan and Sunan father and son were all taken aback, and they looked at Qiu Mucheng with respect.
After all, a person’s status determines a person’s status.
Even Su Yuanshan had to respect the ability and status of Qiu Mucheng’s control of a thousand-person enterprise.
“Cici, you have such an excellent girlfriend, and being a dad is also happy for you.”
“Near Zhu Zhechi, you have to study hard with Mucheng in the future, and you can become more excellent by being around excellent people.” Su Yuanshan taught Susie a few more words, but apparently he has such a strong one for his daughter. My girlfriend, he is really happy to be a father.
“Cici, what are you talking nonsense?” But when Qiu Mucheng heard it, her pretty face flushed immediately, and she whispered.
Although she is a good president, he is in charge of a small company that has just been established, and there are only dozens of people under him. Where can there be thousands of people?
Susie said so, isn’t this damaging her?
However, Susie was begging and said in a low voice, “Mucheng, please, just help me this time. My dad and the others look down on me. This time I have to make them look at me with admiration.”
Despite Susie’s request, Qiu Mucheng had no choice but to help Susie in this scene.
“What are you two whispering?”
“Nothing, nothing.” Susie said hehe.
“Mucheng, let’s go, let’s go shopping on the second floor.” At this moment, Ye Fan’s voice came from behind him.
Susie’s face was green at the time.
Is something bad now?
Sure enough, Ye Fan’s Mucheng’s name caused Su Yuanshan and Sunan to look over.
“Who is this?”
Seeing the man in front of him in such a high-end place but dressed in a simple dress, calling him casual if he sounds good, or poor if he sounds bad, Su Yuanshan frowned and asked in confusion.
“Hello, uncle, I’m Mucheng’s…”
“Mucheng’s driver, yes, he is Mucheng’s driver and bodyguard. From the countryside, although he looks a little rustic, he is brutally powerful and powerful. Has Master Shen been rescued by him?”

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