A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 396

Gu Longen sighed for a while, and then turned to Ye Fan, apologized with a shame on his face: “Just now because of my negligence, I almost humiliated the young man. Please forgive me.”
In the antique world, the master is the teacher.
After learning about Ye Fan’s abilities, Gu Longen obviously treated Ye Fan with a lot of politeness and respect, and even changed his name to Mr.
Seeing Ye Fan, who was respectfully apologized by the old man in front of him, Susie was completely shocked, and Qiu Mucheng was even more surprised. Because of the tremor, the two girls covered their red lips with their little hands, and their chests couldn’t help but twitch. Air-conditioning.
“Unexpectedly, it’s really fake?” The two beautiful women looked at each other, they looked surprised as if they were a ghost.
“Mucheng, your husband, do you still know Jianbao?” Susie’s heart was as if a storm swept across, ups and downs.
Qiu Mucheng was also confused: “I…I don’t know either~”
Not only Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian, the people who ridiculed Ye Fan just now, looked ashamed as a rooster pinched by the neck, but they dare not say a word.
Su Yuanshan and his son also gave a wry smile. They didn’t expect that in the end, they were actually beaten in the face?
“I underestimated the driver of Mr. Qiu~” Su Yuanshan shook his head and sighed.
“It’s probably Mongolian, right?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“A hillbilly, how could he know Jianbao?” Susie calmed down after thinking for a while, but in the end she still didn’t believe that Ye Fan really had such abilities, she whispered.
After all, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and a person struggling with food and clothing, how can he have the energy and money to do other skills, let alone this kind of money-burning antiques.
Of course, this kind of words would mean that a layman like Susie would say that a truly knowledgeable person like Gu Longen never thought that Ye Fan was just stunned by luck.
Without strong eyesight, it is absolutely impossible to see the suspiciousness of the blue and white porcelain just now.
Therefore, Gu Longen immediately became interested in talent, and after apologizing to Ye Fan, he invited Ye Fan to join their city antique association.
“Little sir, you have such an insight at a young age. In the future, you are afraid that you will shine.”
“So, I now sincerely invite you to join our Yunzhou Antiques Association. You will stay in the association for a few years to increase your qualifications. After three years, I will recommend you as the president and lead the entire Yunzhou Antiques industry. ”
“Now in the Yunzhou collection industry, what we lack most is young talents like you.”
Gu Longen said enthusiastically, and Susie and others were shocked.
Let Ye Fan be the president of the association?
Could it be that this country boy is really going to stand up this time?
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes widened, too, he…his husband, did he really meet a noble person?
But when Han Shaojie and Yang He heard them, their eyes were red.
“It’s ancient, no!”
“This stinky kid was obviously the blind cat and the dead mouse just now. Does he know a fart appraisal?”
“Let him be the chairman, it’s better to choose a pig!”
“Moreover, I don’t think he even has the qualifications to become a member of the association.”
“President Gu, you have to think twice!”
Yang He has been in the association for decades, and now he is only a senior member. Ye Fan is just a stinky boy. How can he be the president?
Facing Ye Fan’s contemptuous words, Ye Fan was not angry, but sneered: “Boss Yang is right. Ye Fan is a crude person. I really don’t know anything about Jianbao.”
“But even if I don’t stand it anymore, I’m better than Boss Yang, who can’t tell the truth from the false, and treat the trash as treasure and sell it as trash?”

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