A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 4

After receiving instructions, his staff immediately went to do it.
Soon, the waiter entered the private room where Qiu’s family was located again, and conveyed the manager’s instructions. Chu Wenfei naturally refused to listen, and still clamored for the manager to come to him himself.
Until a group of under-stressed security guards rushed in, everyone in the Qiu family was finally stunned. In the end, they were all driven out by the security guards, but Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying were still entangled in the process, shouting to see the manager.
“See your sister!”
The security guard was also angry, slapped him, and threw the strange and stubborn pair of men and women directly.
“It hurts~”
Chu Wenfei screamed, and Qiu Muying screamed.
“Asshole, you dare to be rude to this lady.”
“I declare, you are finished!”
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“You dare to soil my skirt?”
“A group of lowly people, can you afford to pay?”
Qiu Muying was still screaming.
“Roar again, I’ll make your dog’s mouth!” An eldest security guard glared and screamed, making Qiu Muying so scared that Qiu Muying closed his mouth immediately.
“You said, what’s all this?”
“It’s a shame.”
At this time, all the people in the Qiu family who had come to the engagement banquet happily before were all driven out by the security guards. They all felt extremely embarrassed, and Wang Qiaoyu was even more dull and complained. As for the old man of the Qiu family, he was so angry that he had never been so embarrassed in his life, and he was driven out like a dog for a meal.
At this time, the outside of Haiyuan Pavilion was already full of people.
The cordon was pulled up to separate the crowd from the middle, and a brand new red carpet was laid from the road to the entrance of the restaurant.
“Look, isn’t that the president of the Wei Group, the top ten young entrepreneurs in Jiangdong Province, the deputies to the National People’s Congress, he has been invited out?”
“And the old man, isn’t that the old man of the Qiu family, who was also kicked out?”
“Sunday, there is also Director Li Weimin Li, the senior leaders of the municipal party committee, this has been invited out!”
“What’s so special, what happened today?”
“Could it be that the king of heaven is here?”
“Make such a big move!”
The passers-by who were watching outside were almost crazy. Seeing the famous big men in Yunzhou who were invited out from Haiyuan Pavilion, the crowd almost exploded.
Almost everyone can’t help but wonder, for whom is Haiyuan Pavilion’s big move and such a big show today?
In other words, what kind of character actually caused Haiyuan Pavilion to go into such a big fight, and he did not hesitate to offend so many powerful people!
But everyone in the Qiu family felt so much better when they heard that so many people with good looks had been driven out. At the same time, the Qiu family are all wondering, who is it for the big movement of Haiyuan Pavilion tonight?
Qiu Mucheng also raised her beautiful eyes, full of curiosity in her heart.
Finally, when everyone was making noise, at the end of the road, several roars, like the roar of the devil, resounded across the sky.
Immediately afterwards, those orange lights, like lightning tore through the night, galloping through the sky.
That huge momentum, like a surging river, rolling in!
Soon, a black explosion-proof car, with a lot of guards, appeared in the sight of everyone.
“Rolls Royce!”
“Or six?”
“It’s a big show.”
The crowd exploded again, and everyone was almost crazy. Lin Yuxi and the others were also shocked, and Chu Wenfei was ashamed to see this pomp.
Finally, the car door opened.
Countless waiters stood on both sides, shouting in unison.
“Welcome, Master Xiao Fan!”
“Welcome, Master Xiaofan~”
The shout was thunderous, shaking everywhere.
The waiters all around yelled respectfully, the restaurant boss came to greet him, and the lady of etiquette bowed to say hello.
In the dim light, everyone only saw a thin figure of a young man, just like this, greeted by everyone’s gaze, worshipped by everyone, walking on the brand new red carpet, under the eyes of everyone, just like this Disappeared in the sight of everyone, and entered the Haiyuan Pavilion.
Behind him, there are only countless fiery eyes and fierce screams.
“Wow, so handsome!”
“So young~”
“This kind of person must be super rich.”
“It seems to marry him~~”
Countless girls screamed, wishing to rush up and hug them immediately.
“Damn, don’t squeeze~”
“A group of livestock!”
Everyone in the Qiu family was soon squeezed to the back due to their poor location. When they rushed to the front, they only saw the thin back of the young man.
But even so, Qiu Muying and Qiu Muhong, the two married women, still have apricot eyes and peach cheeks, full of excitement, looking at the young man’s back with a fascination.
“Hey, it’s a pity. I don’t know him.”
“If my old lady knows such a big and young man, she would be a stalker, she would have to become his wife, warm his bed, and give him a monkey. Even a little lover is fine.”
Qiu Muhong and Qiu Muying were full of excitement and envy. Although they are married women, but what does that matter, they can kick their husband and follow him at any time as long as the young and old are willing.
And their parents sighed in their hearts, if the rich young man in front of them, it would be their son-in-law.
“Hey, Chengcheng, look at the house, have a meal, and Haiyuan Pavilion will clear the market and wait for it. The restaurant boss came out to greet him, and the red carpet was spread all the way. I’m afraid our family won’t have this treatment in their entire life?” Han Li was also envied for a while. As the saying goes, there is no harm if there is no contrast. Looking at the foreground, and thinking of the poor son-in-law at home, Han Li felt that her life was not good for a while, and she was full of disappointment.
However, no one noticed that Qiu Mucheng at this moment was stunned for an instant when she looked at the faint background ahead.
“Mom, Dad. Don’t you think that person is very similar to Ye Fan?” Qiu Mucheng whispered.
Her parents laughed bitterly: “Orange, don’t dream. Although we also think he is our poor son-in-law, how can this be possible?”
“Let’s go~”
“Pity our family, we are all dragged down by that uselessness.”
Han Li sighed, and after the crowd dispersed, they soon followed the Qiu family and left.
But Qiu Mucheng still turned her head three times, Liu frowned.
Could it be that I really feel wrong?
But, it’s really similar~
Thinking of the end, Qiu Mucheng also shook her head after all and sighed.
Obviously, in the end, Qiu Mucheng felt that she was thinking too much.
How can the difference between the heaven and the earth between the rich and young and the son-in-law be gathered in one person?
Qiu Mucheng laughed at herself, and then left.
“Xiao Fan, I am very happy if you are willing to see me.”
Haiyuan Pavilion, Presidential Private Room.
Ye Fan was expressionless and sat quietly. In front of him, a middle-aged man was agitated. Looking at the grown-up young man in front of him, his old eyes were slightly red at that moment.
If the family members saw it, they would be shocked. “The King of Chu Yan,” who has always been known for his iron-faced ruthlessness and cruelty, would show such a fragile side.
Ye Fan’s expression is still cold: “Don’t think too much, I can sit here, not because of you.”
“If you have something to say directly, after so many years, you have spent so much time to find the sordid person born of me, a humble woman, for what?”
When saying this, there was a touch of irony on the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth.
The man’s heart stabbed a bit, he took a deep breath and tried to keep calm: “Xiao Fan, ten years ago, the past has become a cloud of smoke. The family will not pursue the matter of the year. Now, you Grandpa is also old. You are the only descendant of the Chu family. Now, it is time to go back, recognize your ancestor and return to your ancestor, and pay respect to your grandpa.
“Grandpa?” Ye Fan smiled, his words were as cold as a knife, “I repeat, when he swept me and my mother out back then, I, Ye Fan, had no grandfather!”
“As for letting me recognize my ancestor and return to my clan, let him, and all those who humiliated me and my mother, personally apologize to my mother.”
“Otherwise, I, Ye Fan, will die on the streets, and I will never step into the Chu family again!”
Ye Fan’s eyes were red, and his body was shaking because of his anger.
The Chu Family, this family that is famous in the whole world, but in Ye Fan’s memory, there is only coldness and ruthlessness.
Seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, the man’s heart was also inexplicably heartache.
“Xiao Fan, let him go in the past.”
“Past? It’s lightly said. That’s my mother, not your mother, you can go there, I can’t make it!” Ye Fan roared, like a tyrannosaurus being touched by the scales.
Suddenly, the room was silent.
It was quiet, only the ticking of clocks echoed.
For a long time, the man sighed: “Xiao Fan, I understand you, and I also understand the sufferings and sins of your mother and child. But you also know that our Chu family is a large family in the world. Let the family bow their heads. How difficult is it to apologize?”
“At least you are not enough now.”
“If you really want to be fair to your mother, then work hard and make some achievements.”
“When you are good enough, the whole world will bow your head for you.”
Ye Fan raised his head and looked directly at the man in front of him. Finally, he looked at him and smiled sensibly: “I will.”
“The Chu family owes me and my mother, and I will repay it!”
Ye Fan thought he would be angry. However, to Ye Fan’s surprise, the man smiled, with relief in his eyebrows: “Well, I believe you.”
Ye Fan didn’t talk to him again, and then turned and left.
However, when Ye Fan left, the man suddenly called out: “Xiao Fan, your mother, how is she? I want to see her.”
Ye Fan turned his back to him: “Do you think you are qualified?”
With a sneer, Ye Fan stopped staying and left immediately.
Here, only the man is left, looking far away with full of regret and regret.
Suddenly, the man’s body trembled and he coughed violently. When he stretched out his hand to look again, his hand was full of blood.
“Patriarch, your body?” An old man immediately moved forward, worried and supported.
The man waved his hand, still smiling: “It’s okay. My son hasn’t returned home, how could I fall down?”
“By the way, Mr. Han, Xiao Fan’s wife, is Qiu Mucheng. Prepare something and send it over. Just be my “unqualified” father-in-law and give my daughter-in-law a little bit of love.”
“Also, I remember that one of our Chu family slaves was called Li Er. I heard that the situation in Yunzhou is now rising. Say hello to him and tell him that anyone in Yunzhou can die, only My son, can’t die.”
While speaking, the man looked at Old Han again, his eyes flashing like torches, with inexplicable meaning.
“Patriarch, what’s wrong with you?”
The man smiled and said, “It’s okay. Old Han, if I remember correctly, you used to take care of Xiao Fan when he was in the family.”
Old Han’s eyebrows fluctuated without a trace.
The man continued: “Although the Chu family is big, they have different intentions. There are many people in the family who want Xiaofan to die. Although I am Xiaofan’s father, I can’t help myself to many things and cannot do it myself. So Han Old, I want to ask you to do me a favor, privately, help me pay attention to Xiaofan.”
“So, I can be regarded as a father, so I can find peace of mind.”

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