A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 40

After Lin Qian and Wang Yu left, the auction was undoubtedly much quieter.
Later, several auction items appeared one after another. The auctioneer had been expecting the mysterious man with the mask to bid again, but the auctioneer was disappointed after all.
Since the red sole high heels were photographed, the mysterious man sat back quietly in the distance without any further movement. On the contrary, Qiu Mucheng’s gaze has been falling on him like nothing.
At that moment before, Qiu Mucheng really felt that the person in front of her was Ye Fan.
Both the sound and body shape are similar.
But in the end, Qiu Mucheng shook her head.
“What’s wrong with me recently, why do I always have such unrealistic ideas?”
“How could he be Ye Fan~”
Under the dim light, Qiu Mucheng did not step forward to confirm after all.
She knew Ye Fan too well. She was born in the country, but she was just an ordinary layman. How could he have the aura and heroism of this person in front of him.
“The temperament, after all, is too bad~” Remember to read a book for one second
Qiu Mucheng looked at the high heels and the white jade hairpin in her arms. Although she liked it, she was never greedy. She should take it naturally. She won’t ask for half points that shouldn’t be taken.
“When the auction is over, give it back to him.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t refuse in public, because she was afraid that he would face him in public and prevent him from getting off the stage. That’s it, and there are no other undivided ideas.
Time passed quickly, and the auction was about to end. The motherboard side finally launched the last auction item, which was a car.
“I believe everyone has heard a sentence, not afraid of BMW Land Rover, but afraid of the public with letters.”
“Yes, this last auction item is Volkswagen’s most low-key model-the Phaeton.”

“As the so-called low-key luxury, I believe this car will be the favorite of low-key people!”
When the auctioneer said this, his eyes almost stayed on Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was not disappointed, and he really bid for it.
Anyway, he happened to be planning to buy a car too, and now it’s easier. Not only can he get the car, he can also do some good deeds.
Perhaps it was Ye Fan’s aggressiveness to throw money before that shocked everyone. After Ye Fan took the shot, few people participated in the bidding. Originally, the auctioneer still wanted local tyrants to participate, so they would definitely be able to sell at a premium. Who would want to be self-defeating, Ye Fan bought this million-dollar luxury car at a lower price and gave it to Qiu Mucheng again.
“Millions of luxury cars give beautiful women~”
“What is picking up a girl? This is really called picking up a girl~”
For a while, the entire hall exploded. Many rich and young are ashamed of themselves. Although they also like beautiful women, they are never as aggressive as the mysterious man in front of them, throwing a lot of money.
“So envious~”
“It would be nice if the person who gave it was me!
Many women cast envious eyes.
For a while, Qiu Mucheng received the attention of the audience again, and many young people sighed secretly as they looked at the beautiful and graceful woman.
“It’s a pity, such a beautiful sister paper, is going to be the pillow of people?”
Almost everyone felt that under Ye Fan’s offensive, the purple skirt woman in front of her could not be unmoved. I am afraid that tonight, it may be from this mysterious man.
“This auction ended successfully, and all the proceeds will be donated.”
“However, before closing, on behalf of Yunhai Auction House, I would like to express my special thanks to this mysterious gentleman for supporting us.”
“Just don’t know Mr., how do you call it?” the auctioneer suddenly asked at this moment.

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