A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4064

The guard at the door stopped Li Er and others from outside.

Moreover, seeing a large number of Li Er and the others, these guards kept calling and shouting.

After a while, a large number of people arrived at the foot of Yunding Mountain and confronted Li Er and his party.

Li Er frowned, he ignored them, but asked Jinbao Yinbao and the others, “What’s going on?”

“When did Genting Hill Villa change its owner?”

Jinbao and Yinbao turned pale, obviously they didn’t know the situation very well either.

“Second Master, I’ll call to check.”

Over the years, Li Er was rarely in Yunzhou, and was always on the go. Jinbao and Yinbao were always by Li Er’s side.

Therefore, they are not very clear about many situations in Yunzhou now.

“Second Master, it has been checked.”

“Over the years, in order to control Jiangdong, the Temple of the Martial God has arranged for many forces to operate Jiangdong.”

“Among them, the most powerful one is the chairman of Tianhu Group, Lin Tianhu.”

“This person is backed by the Martial God Temple, and he has a lot of friendship with Mo Wuya, the son of the King of Fighters.”

“Six months ago, Lin Tianhu took a fancy to the Genting Mountain Villa.”

“Through the relationship, the property rights of the Genting Mountain Villa were forcibly obtained.”

“At the Genting Mountain Villa, Lin Tianhu lives.”

After some investigation, Jinbao, Yinbao and the others quickly uncovered all the details of the villa occupied in Genting Mountain in front of them.

Li Er’s expression became completely gloomy,

In the old eyes, an unprecedented anger swept through.

“Mr. Chu has only been gone for three years. Now some people dare to occupy the former residence of Mr. Chu?”

“It seems that during the period when Li Er was not in Jiangdong, some of the rat generation became more and more arrogant, and they were simply lawless.”

Li Er spoke slowly.

The low tone was extraordinarily calm.

However, those who are familiar with him know that this is the expression Li Er only appears when he is extremely angry.

“Are you deaf?”

“I told you to get out, can’t you hear?”

“Otherwise, I will offend Lord Tiger and let you all die without a burial!” In front of him, the guard was still shouting angrily.

Li Er, who was extremely angry, stepped forward and slapped the guard in the face.

“Go back and tell that Lin Tianhu to get him down and see me immediately!” Li Er said sharply.

But the guards in front of them obviously didn’t know Li Er’s majesty.

But these people, after all, are a mob, how could they be Li Er’s opponents.

“Since we can’t come down, then we have to go up.”

After solving the group of guards, Li Er led people directly to Yunding Mountain.

Lin Tianhu, who was sleeping, was awakened.

He put on his coat and walked out with his men.

“who are you?”

“How dare you, you dare to trespass at Lao Tzu’s residence?” Lin Tianhu said angrily.

Li Er went up and kicked Lin Tianhu.


“Your residence?”

“What kind of thing are you worthy of saying that?”

Li Er beat Lin Tianhu violently.

Several of Lin Tianhu’s bodyguards rushed up to stop him.

But then, behind Li Er, several figures rushed over and subdued Lin Tianhu’s bodyguard in three or two strokes.

“Son of a bitch!”


“Shoot them for me!”

Lin Tianhu was furious, and immediately ordered the gunman hiding behind him to shoot.

Li Er’s brows turned cold: “Where is Qinglong?”

Whoosh whoosh!

In the dark night, several figures appeared like ghosts and rushed out in an instant.

These people are fierce and powerful.

In the face of bullets and guns, don’t be afraid.

Even that big man can resist bullets hard!

bang bang bang~

In the low roar, those gunmen had their heads exploded all over the place, and their bodies were thrown at Lin Tianhu’s feet.

“You…you, to…who are you?” Lin Tianhu was completely dumbfounded.

He dominated Yunzhou and dominated Jiangdong for more than a year.

However, have you never met such a ruthless character as tonight?

Li Er ignored him, but quickly let his subordinates clear the field, breaking all of Lin Tianhu’s subordinates’ legs and throwing them off Yunding Mountain.

Afterwards, Li Er led the people under his banner to respectfully stand in front of the villa, facing the front, and respectfully greet him.

“Welcome, Mr. Chu’s son, Chu Lin goes home!!!”

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Another side story. Author is very good with adding new plots although this one might be boring. I am very curious with the dragon gate and what’s the importance of yan Huang

Yes, the black dragon gate and the mystery of Yanhuang order.
Eagerly waiting for it, writer is very proficient in putting small relevsnt clues.

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