A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 419

Qiu Mucheng was almost mad at Ye Fan.
This guy is still so shameless, he is embarrassed to say such things?
Still in front of so many people!
Besides, when did this lady act on you?
In shame, Qiu Mucheng glared at Ye Fan fiercely, as if to warn Ye Fan and pay attention to his words.
Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to Qiu Mucheng’s shame, and he didn’t see it. Afterwards, Ye Fan and the others followed Shen Fei and others to the jade exhibition hall on the ninth floor of the hall.
Ye Fan suddenly changed his mind to help Shen Fei because of the ring. After all, although Shen Fei was a little bit cynical, he would be very good at it. I had helped them out several times before, but Ye Fan simply helped them again this time.
However, Susie seemed to have something, and was called away by his father halfway through.
Therefore, Susie did not follow when going to the Jade Exhibition Hall this time.
At this time, Ye Fan and his party had already boarded the elevator and were about to rush directly to the ninth floor of the hall.
On the seventh floor, there were a few people in suits and shoes standing at the elevator entrance, chatting and waiting for the elevator to arrive. First URL m.
“Yuhao, I heard that this jade exhibition is very big. I guess many buyers with strong funds will come?”
“If you want to take a photo of the stone you like, I’m afraid a fierce battle will be inevitable.” Han Hai said in a low voice, worrying from the side.
Sun Yuhao sneered: “Fight?”
“This jade auction, to put it bluntly, is still funding, it’s eyesight.”
“In terms of the degree of funding, the Sun Group in Jianghai is not weaker than others, and in terms of vision, we have the eyes of Mr. Li.”
“We have everything ready, can we still be robbed of the limelight by others?”
When he said this, Sun Yuhao was full of pride, with a confident smile at the corner of his mouth.
“Brother Yuhao is mighty!” Han Feifei on the side, hearing Sun Yuhao’s proud words, immediately admired and applauded.
Han Hai also nodded: “That’s right, you Sun Group started from jade. This betting on stone is your strong point, and the jade exhibition in a while, I’m afraid it will become your special show for Yuhao.”
“If you can shine in this jade exhibition, then your name, Yuhao, will probably become famous in Jiangdong’s upper class.”
Han Hai and his daughter were touted. This time the two of them were able to enter this occasion completely because of Sun Yuhao’s light, so of course they were very fond of Sun Yuhao.
However, apart from being proud, a little regret emerged from Sun Yuhao’s expression, and he sighed slightly, “What about showing off? Mucheng can’t see it again.”
“If you don’t have a beautiful person by your side, even if you dominate the world one day, you will feel extremely boring.”
Originally, Sun Yuhao planned to bring Qiu Mucheng over today, so that she could see her glorious glory, and let her see her grandeur and grandeur.
At that time, are you afraid that you can’t conquer Qiu Mucheng?
However, people are not as good as the sky. Sun Yuhao never thought that Qiu Mucheng’s company happened to have a meeting today. Since Qiu Mucheng didn’t have time to come, she naturally missed Sun Yuhao’s glorious moment. Thinking of this, Sun Yuhao was naturally a little lost.
As if seeing the decline of Sun Yuhao, Han Hai immediately said angrily: “Mucheng’s company is indeed too much. The Mid-Autumn Festival is not a holiday. Yuhao, if you really want Mucheng to come, I am now Just call Mucheng and tell her that if she doesn’t come, there will be no uncle like me!”

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