A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 422

Ye Fan didn’t speak, just stood on the other side and waited quietly.
Qiu Mucheng stood there, in a dilemma. An elder on one side, and her husband on the other, Qiu Mucheng under the entanglement had her red lips clenched with her teeth. After a while, she finally raised her head and apologized to Han Hai and they apologized: “Uncle, Master Sun, I’m sorry. I still have things to do. I really can’t accompany you this time. I’m really sorry.”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng’s words made Han Hai feel so angry that she would scold her when she stared, but Qiu Mucheng had already ran in the direction where Ye Fan was.
“This Nizi is getting more and more uncomfortable. I am really angry.” Han Hai trembled with anger.
But Sun Yuhao’s complexion was ashen, and his eyebrows had completely sunk, as cold as water.
Finally, he raised his head, looked at Qiu Mucheng ahead, and said solemnly: “Mucheng, today, I will show you the huge gap between that poor boy in the country and my Sun Yuhao!”
“I will let you know even more that that humble door-to-door son-in-law is not as good as an ant compared to me!”
Sentimental words, like a cold wind raging everywhere.
Sun Yuhao’s face was cold, and his gaze at Ye Fan was full of hatred. In the end, he didn’t stay anymore, turned around and left.
“Brother Fan, there’s something that doesn’t have long eyes. I dare to covet my sister-in-law. I don’t think I want to live anymore. Should I call a few people to teach him.” Shen Fei looked at the back of Sun Yuhao leaving, but he said in a deep voice. Asked.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “It’s just a small and insignificant character, don’t bother. Let’s go, take me to see the original stone.” First URL m.
In the end, Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng and the others were walking around in the jade exhibition hall.
The center of the exhibition hall is already full of rough stones, each with a number.
Many people are looking around the rough stones, touching and looking at them, trying to see how likely the rough stone is to appear green.
Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were also itchy after seeing them, so they went over and looked in anxiously.
“Brother Fan, let’s go, let’s touch the rocks, shine the lights, and choose a few favorite rocks.”
“The auction will begin in a while, we don’t have much time.”
Shen Fei urged from the side, shouting that Ye Fan was about to squeeze on the middle counters.
The rough stone at that location is the most expensive and the best quality. The middle pieces are the final rough stones. Whether you can produce some glass jade treasures tonight, it all depends on these rough final stones.
“No, I’ll just check it out.” Ye Fan said casually.
“Look? Brother Fan, this rough stone is not a calligraphy or painting. You can’t just look at it. You have to touch it with your hands, listen with your ears, and use a light to shine it.”
“Hardness, texture, transparency, and many other factors must be considered comprehensively. You can never see green from a distance.” When Shen Fei heard what Ye Fan said, his heart was cold.
Before, he thought that Ye Fan was pretending to be humble, but now it seems that he really doesn’t know anything about rough stones.
Got it!
This time Ye Fan couldn’t count on it, it seemed that they had to rely on themselves.
“All right, Brother Fan. Just take a look at it yourself, and Shaojie and I will go there first.”
Shen Fei also had no hope of Ye Fan. After saying a word, he went to the counter in the middle with Han Shaojie.

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