A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 43

Donate another million?
Pay in cash?
What Ye Fan said was like a huge boulder entering the sea, setting off a monstrous wave in the entire hall.
Everyone trembled, and Ye Fan’s heroic aura was undoubtedly shocking everyone present.
Even Lin Qian couldn’t help but cursed directly.
“one million?”
“I can go to Nima!”
“I think you are pretending to be addicted, right?”
“You are a poor man, are you rich?”
“Also pay in cash? Are you afraid that you don’t know how heavy a million cash is?” Remember to read in one second
“Yes, you are a poor dick, you have never seen so much money in your life, right?”
Lin Qian laughed when she heard Ye Fan’s fart-like words, as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world. The face covered with cosmetics was full of disdain and mockery.
When other people heard Lin Qian’s words, they looked at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
“It looks like we were really deceived by this bastard.”
“He is playing us like idiots?”
“It’s really shameless to pretend if you don’t have money!”
“What is it like for a person to be poor to do such stupid things?”
“Really, it’s not only poor, but it looks like a shame~”
Suddenly, the whole hall clashed.
There is ridicule and ridicule. There is verbal abuse and disdain.
Obviously, everyone at the scene thought that Ye Fan’s stupid thing just now was just a blow, and few people believed it.
After all, who is all right to attend the auction with a million in cash?
Besides, the weight of one million cash is not small, and it must be packed in a box. But everyone looked around Ye Fan and didn’t see anything that could hold such money.
“Identification, this is a pure dick silk!”
“Doing the dream of the rich all day long?”
“This kind of poor coercion is here to make trouble!”
“What does the Shanshui Guild Hall do to eat, and put such idiots in?”
Ye Fan’s behavior has aroused public outrage, and many people have criticized and cursed him with disgust.
Those present who claim to be high-class people, now standing with such a dick, undoubtedly feel that the price drop is extremely low, which is an insult to their noble status.
The previously flattering auctioneer also had no patience and asked Xiang Ye Fan again: “This is a formal occasion, not a place for you to be willful.”
“If you don’t take out a bank card with the ability to pay, don’t blame our auction house for driving you out of the hall and pulling you into the blacklist of our auction house.”
The words were cold, where there was the slightest respect before, and even the husband did not shout.
This society is so realistic.
If you have money and power, you are the respected Mr. Chu.
No money, no power, you are a poor dick who is insulted by everyone.
Looking at the so-called high-class people in the audience, Ye Fan only thought they were extremely “ugly” at this moment!
“Er, do we want to take action?” In the private room, Jin Bao and Yin Bao, two of Li Er’s subordinates, asked Li Er in front of him.
Li Er waved his hand: “Look again. Xiao Chu is definitely not a reckless person. Since he dares to say so, he obviously has a back hand.”
In the hall, Ye Fan still stood there.
Lin Qian sneered wildly from the side, and the auctioneer’s words became more pressing: “Sir, our patience is limited. If you don’t show your bank card, don’t blame us for being rude.”
“I said, what are you talking about with this kind of poor bullshit?”
“He has no money at all.”
“Let me say, this kind of dick will just let him roll by just beating it.” Lin Qian grinned.
Behind him, the whole house was filled with outrage and reprimanded one after another.
“Smelly boy, don’t you get out?”
“I thought it was a local tyrant, but it turned out to be a poor man.”
“There is still a face to stay here, get out!”
For a while, all the people present yelled.

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