A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 436

At this time, everyone looked nervously.
Finally, after a while, a ray of green light suddenly burst out under the original white fog.
“Master Sun is really amazing.”
“If you say green, you get green.”
“Look at the condition, even if it is not a glass type, it is at least an ice type with excellent quality~”
“Congratulations, Master Sun~”
After the green came out, the crowd suddenly became noisy, and many people celebrated Sun Yuhao.
“Master Shen, I seem to have disappointed you.” Remember to read for a second
“This rough stone is green.”
“I said a long time ago that the gambling world fights for eyesight. If you look at it, it doesn’t mean that I will also look at it.
“Listen to my advice, after today, Master Shen will still quit the stone gambling world, go back and study for a few years, and then come to fight with me?”
Sun Yuhao is naturally overjoyed when the rough stone is green. With an arrogant smile full of eyes, the gaze that looked at Shen Fei was full of sarcasm.
Being so humiliated by Sun Yuhao, Shen Fei only felt ashamed and unbearable, his old face almost turned blue into pig liver, but at the same time he complained to Ye Fan secretly in his heart, and only felt that he had been pitted by Ye Fan.
“Brother Fan, didn’t you say that the No. 6 rough stone is not good? Don’t let A Fei go bidding.”
“How is it now, Sun Yuhao is green.”
“And we missed an opportunity to make money in vain~” Han Shaojie was also very upset, complaining to Ye Fan.
Just now, he and Shen Fei both selected the 6th rough stone, but after grabbing half of it, Ye Fan stopped them from bidding again, and this made the rough stone fall into Sun Yuhao’s hands.
At that time, if Ye Fan hadn’t commanded indiscriminately, this rising rough stone would have been in Shen Fei’s bag. How could it be in Sun Yuhao’s hands and let him be so dazzling.
Qiu Mucheng also shook her head and sighed.
“Don’t worry, the show has just begun.” Ye Fan put his hands in his trouser pockets, watching leisurely and comfortably, the whole person was still calm.
“Okay, shut up, are you? People’s greens are all out, and you are still here with a ducky mouth. You quickly go over and apologize to Young Master Shen, and then bring Young Master Shen down. Don’t make others ashamed of you. Now,” Qiu Mucheng said fiercely towards Ye Fan with a slight sullenness.
This guy, because of the look he had just now, said that the No. 6 rough was not worth buying, and that the No. 9 rough was just scrap. Qiu Mucheng had been suspicious before. After all, Ye Fan hadn’t inspected these stones in the past, so he looked at it from a distance. How could it be possible to see if there was any green in the stones?
However, when Qiu Mucheng angrily scolded Ye Fan and asked Ye Fan to apologize to Shen Fei, he heard a bang, and the No. 6 rough stone was split in half, revealing two smooth cuts.
“Is that just a little green?”
“Hey, what a pity.”
“No matter how good the green looks, it is too small.”
“Not as big as an egg. So half a bracelet is not enough.”
“Stop ten million caps.”
“I bought it for 30 million, and Master Sun is afraid that he will have to pay 20 million.”
“It’s a pity, it’s a pity~”
After the stone was completely cut, the wealthy businessmen who had congratulated Sun Yuhao suddenly closed their mouths and shook their heads and sighed with regret.
“Is it true that Brother Fan is right?” Shen Fei, who was struggling just now, was stunned, and then his old face grinned, and he called 6a71a738 directly.
I thought that Brother Fan was really awesome!
Is it true to pay?
But Sun Yuhao’s old face went black immediately, his original pride and arrogance disappeared instantly.
“Shao Sun, continue to cut?” the staff member asked in a low voice.
“Cut a fart!”
“Is this little green? I threw it to Ben Shao. Not shameful enough!”
“You guys, bring up my one-billion-dollar stone.”
“Today, I have to open your eyes.”
Sun Yuhao kicked the No. 6 rough in half in front of him, his eyes were cold, and he cursed coldly.
I thought that even if the No. 6 rough stone could not produce glass jade, it would at least make some money.
Unexpectedly, he lost 20 million instead, which made Sun Yuhao very unhappy, as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

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