A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4361

This little fat man is also a genius.

From today’s competition, he saw that Ye Fan’s talent is definitely a potential stock, so he bet in advance,

Ye Fan smiled and said nothing.

While Ye Fan was talking with the fat man, on the other side, there was a burly man who hurriedly ran towards Sophia.

“Xiao Ya, how are you? Are you okay?” The burly man’s eyes were full of anxiety and worry.

Sophia threw herself into the opponent’s arms, and said with tears in her eyes, “Brother, you want to avenge me!”

“woo woo woo”

Seeing the beautiful woman in his arms weep, the man’s blood surged immediately.

He clenched his palms tightly, “Xiaoya, just wait, senior brother will avenge you!”

After speaking, the man got up immediately, jumped up, and jumped directly onto the ring in front of him.

When everyone saw this, their expressions were full of fear.

The fat man even said that it was not good, “This is broken!”

“Senior Sister Sophia has a deep relationship with Senior Brother Luo Li.”

“Now that Senior Sister Sophia has been injured by her Senior Sister, I’m afraid that Senior Brother will go berserk.”

“Little Junior Sister is in danger now.”

The fat man spoke anxiously from the side.

Although Tianshimen is really in love, how can such things as feelings be banned with a piece of paper.

The previous friendship between Sophia and Luo Li was known to almost everyone in Tianshimen.

But Ye Fan was not worried.

After all, the elders of Tianshimen are standing by to maintain order.

Even with that so-called big brother, he would never dare to do anything out of line.

Even if it is done, those sect elders watching the battle will definitely stop it.

At this time, Luo Li had already stepped onto the ring.

His eyes were cold, and he asked Nuoya, “Sophia, did you get hurt?”

Nuoya nodded, “Swords have no eyes, fists are ruthless. I have no intention of hurting her, but the battle is fierce and inevitable.”

“You don’t need to make excuses, let’s make a move!” Luo Li’s gaze was burning like a torch, and the chill in his words was almost thickened into substance.

But Nuoya ignored him, “Eldest brother, why bother me? You know, I am not your opponent. Besides, my battle is over. The next round is tomorrow. And, my opponent is not you. Excuse me gone.”

Nuoya didn’t want to waste energy on such unnecessary fights.

Today’s game is over, and he turned and left after speaking.

However, his sweetheart was hurt by Noah, how could Luo Li let him go?

Since he doesn’t make a move, force him to make a move!


There was only a low and muffled sound, and Luo Li punched out.

The majestic energy brought bursts of sonic booms in the air.

He slapped Nuoya’s back hard.

“Little Junior Sister, be careful!” There were several startled voices from the audience.

“Elder, hurry up, stop senior brother! Save junior sister?” Fatty was even more anxious, and loudly asked for help from the elder of the sect who was sitting on a high place.

However, the three law enforcement elders turned a blind eye.

Just watching helplessly, Luo Li made a move on Nuoya!

Luo Li is the senior brother of Tianshimen, even if he goes all out, Nuoya will not be his opponent.

What’s more, now that Luo Li attacked suddenly, he still punched from behind.

How did Noah dodge?

Hearing a bang, his muscles and bones were broken, and Nuoya was severely injured, and was sent flying out of the mouth with blood vomited.

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