A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 440

Sun Yuhao was furious, kicked against the rock under his feet, but in the end it hurt so much that he hugged his feet and screamed.
And Han Feifei and his son were also pale at this time, bowed their heads, could not say a word, where there was the slightest arrogance before, like eggplants beaten by frost.
Sun Yuhao and their resentment were naturally unattended.
Winner or loser, now Sun Yuhao, who else cares?
At this time, almost everyone’s eyes in the entire exhibition hall were on Shen Fei.
In this rough auction, Shen Fei undoubtedly became the final winner, became famous with one stone, and became the most eye-catching presence in the audience. And that piece of Zhengyang Green was photographed at a price of 70 to 8 million.
Not only can Shen Fei fill up the deficit of 50 million yuan in embezzlement of the company’s public funds, but also more than 20 million yuan. One can imagine how excited Shen Fei was at that time?
Of course, if Shen Fei didn’t cut the stone directly, it would damage the integrity of the jade to a certain extent, otherwise the price would be higher?
Finally, the organizer of the auction, the president of the Yunzhou Jade Rough Stone Association, even invited Shen Fei to make a final concluding speech in order to draw a successful conclusion to the rough stone exhibition.
“Master Shen, at this rough auction, you will be famous with one stone.”
“Not only did you avoid the pit of rough stone No. 9, but you also knew the bead. When everyone is not optimistic, you only bought the rough stone No. 11 at a price of 500,000, and finally opened the jade world. The rare glass species Zhengyang Green has left a strong mark in the history of my Yunzhou rough stone auction.” First website m.
“I know that Young Master Shen is extremely excited at this moment. There must be a lot to talk to us rough stone lovers?” The host’s sweet voice echoed throughout the exhibition hall.
On the stage, Shen Fei smiled proudly in a suit.
Excited heart, trembling hands, Shen Fei is just like this, with full of joy, holding the microphone, and saying to the people: “I know, at this moment, many people want to ask me, what can make me Shen Fei , With a small boast, a little stone becomes gold?”
“What is it that can make the eyes of wisdom know the bead, among the countless pieces of primitives, but the most inconspicuous piece?”
“Speaking of this, in fact, I, Shen Fei, have a lot to say and want to tell everyone.”
“But after a thousand words, there was only one sentence left.”
Shen Fei’s words stopped suddenly.
At that moment, time seemed to stand still.
In the exhibition hall of Nuo University, the needle drop can be heard, only Shen Fei’s “affectionate” gaze was staring, and finally, it fell into the crowd, the most inconspicuous, a delicate young man.
“Brother Fan, thank you!”
“It was you who gave me the magic pen to turn stones into gold. It was you again, who gave me the opportunity to be a new man!”
“Yes, all the actions at the previous auction were all my Brother Fan’s handwriting!”
“Brother Fan is the one who knows the bead! It is also Brother Fan who can turn stones into gold! It is also Brother Fan who is big with small things!
“Brother Fan is electricity, Brother Fan is light, Brother Fan is the brightest star tonight.”
“Next, Brother Fan, please come on stage and address everyone~”
This Shen Fei was also a funny comparison, and his nonsensical remarks instantly pushed Ye Fan to the forefront of the storm, becoming the most attention-grabbing focus today.
Although Shen Fei said that these have the meaning of favoring Ye Fan, every sentence and word is indeed Shen Fei’s true feelings.
After all, today he Shen Fei was able to turn over 4a1bda73 completely, completely relying on Ye Fan’s power to turn the tide.
For Ye Fan, Shen Fei was really convinced!
Not only is powerful, this talent is also extraordinary.
In this way, Ye Fan inexplicably became the focus of the audience, and even more inexplicably, he was pushed to the stage, standing in the most glorious place in the audience, attracting everyone’s attention.
“It’s him, why is it him?”
However, among the boiling voices, Sun Yuhao’s eyes were blood-red, almost bleeding with hatred.
Originally, that position should be him, his Sun Yuhao.
He originally wanted to stand there, let Qiu Mucheng see him radiantly, and see him in the spotlight, so as to completely conquer Qiu Mucheng.
However, Sun Yuhao didn’t expect that Ye Fan would turn out to be the one who was in the limelight in the end?

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