A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 449

However, Ye Fan’s speech was really good, sincere, humble, self-deprecating and sad, and it undoubtedly hit many people’s hearts in an instant.
Many people’s eyes turned red, and they all supported Ye Fan. At the same time, they scolded Xiang Qiu Muying and his wife with outrage.
“Mr. Ye is too humble~”
“As soon as your golden mouth opens, Zhengyang Green will come out first, then Emperor Green will come out.”
“Such gods, if they are still ordinary people, then we are afraid that even ordinary people are inferior?”
“As for the poor background, so what?”
“The hero doesn’t ask where it comes from. The lower the starting point, the more it represents Mr. Ye’s own ability?”
“People in this world have no distinction between high and low, but some have only mediocrity and excellence.”
“Mr. Ye has such a vision and such a talent, and he is a genius that I cannot produce in a century in the jade stone world.”
“With your visit to this rough exhibition hall, we are too happy to be happy yet? How could we feel that you are not qualified? Let alone talk about your identity.”
“But if someone is not qualified, it’s the woman next to me.” The first URL m.
“This woman is so vicious. She actually framed Mr. Ye and didn’t look good at others, and said that Mr. Ye was humble and contemptuous? Where’s the shameless lady, she deserves to look down on Mr. Ye too?”
“Hurry up!”
“It’s a venomous woman!”
“Seeing this kind of woman makes me feel sick~”
“This kind of vicious villain, I wouldn’t even want to be a dog for me. Whoever marries her as a wife is really bad for eight lifetimes!”
“Go away~”
For a time, the sentiment was indignation.
The people who had criticized Ye Fan before, but turned their heads, they all pointed at Qiu Muying and his wife.
Public opinion can be manipulated.
Before, everyone thought that Ye Fan lied to them. He didn’t know how to bet on stones but pretended to be an expert. But Ye Fan chose the stone directly and slapped Qiu Muying in the face with naked facts, and completely convinced the presence. Everyone.
Coupled with Ye Fan’s previous self-deprecating remarks that seemed to be derived from the black, undoubtedly it completely aroused everyone’s anger towards Qiu Muying.
“Looking so ugly, still have the face to dislike Mr. Ye?”
“It’s so ugly!”
“Hurry up~”
“You are not welcome here!”
The crowd filled with righteous indignation scolded each other. Some even pulled Qiu Muying off the stage directly.
In this way, Qiu Muying and his wife were like mice crossing the street. They were beaten and scolded out of the original stone exhibition hall.
“You dare to insult me!”
“I declare, you are finished~”
“Dare to say I am ugly, you are the ugly monsters, your whole family is ugly!”
Even at this time, Qiu Muying still cursed everyone viciously, which naturally attracted more intense anger from everyone.
Chu Wenfei was so mad at Qiu Muying that idiot, he slapped him up and shouted angrily: “Cao Nima, shut up!”
“Isn’t it shameful enough?”
“Hurry up!”
Qiu Muying finally closed her mouth, and then under the scolding of everyone, she quickly followed Chu Wenfei sullenly.
With the departure of Qiu Muying and his wife, the farce finally came to an end.
However, just as Ye Fan turned down the buying intention of the jeweler in China and was about to leave here, the beautiful auctioneer before was trotting all the way and chased him up.
This auctioneer is wearing a tube top dress and a slim waist design that perfectly outlines the seductive figure of the beautiful designer in front of him.
Looking at the intoxicating body of the woman in front of him, the swaying posture made every man think about it after seeing it.
After all, this kind of charming face, beautiful figure and most every man has a fatal attraction.
The auction will let this woman be the auctioneer 33a6a526, which is obviously ulterior motive.
In front of beautiful women, any man would want to express himself vigorously.

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