A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 469

“Mucheng, what are you messing with?”
“Are you stupid? Hundreds of thousands went to eat a meal with someone?”
“You just said that I was spending money indiscriminately. At least I bought real things. As for you, it’s just a chance, invisible and intangible, you prodigal maiden!”
While smiling bitterly, Ye Fan blamed Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng hadn’t spoken yet, but Su Qian was angry and scolded Ye Fan, “You poor boy, what do you know?”
“A countryman is a countryman and has no vision at all.”
“Did you know that Warren Buffett will openly auction an opportunity to have lunch with himself every year.”
“Every auction, the bidders are rushing, even at the expense of ten million.”
“Are they fools as you say? Are they idiots too?”
“But, it is the bidders who you think are idiots. Everyone is a person with a face and a face from all over the world. Which one is not worth more than 100 million?”
Susie sneered repeatedly, and kept asking, she looked at Ye Fan with disdain. Remember to read in one second
“It’s worthy of being a person from the country, so short-sighted!”
“Do you really think this is just a simple meal?”
“This is a chance, a chance to meet Mr. Chu.”
“If you can get Mr. Chu’s favor because of this, then, what you get, don’t say millions or tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, it is all right!”
“Mucheng, I said a long time ago that he and us are not people in the same world at all, and we don’t even have a common language. You didn’t believe it at the time, how is it now?”
“The soil turtle in the country is the soil turtle in the country. In terms of knowledge and vision, it is far from us. I said long ago that you are not suitable at all.”
Every time Susie caught a chance, she would persuade Qiu Mucheng to divorce Ye Fan, and this time was no exception.
“Okay, Cici. I’ll talk about these things later, let’s try to seize this opportunity first.”
Of course, Qiu Mucheng ignored Ye Fan’s dissuasion. Instead, she glared at Ye Fan and said angrily: “You just didn’t let me take care of your affairs, and now you don’t care about my affairs.”
I kindly advise you to be complained.
Don’t let me care, I’m too lazy
Don’t regret it then!
Ye Fan snorted inwardly, turned his head with his hands, and didn’t bother to care about them.
Anyway, I have already reminded them. If they really take this opportunity when they see their husband sitting across from them, would this stupid woman look arrogant?
At this time, everyone is coming and going at the auction below, and the auction price can’t be held up.
Soon it reached the price of five million.
Qiu Mucheng had given up, she didn’t have so much money.
But Susie still insisted, bidding: “Six million!”
“Heh, it’s only six million? The price is so embarrassing to shout out?” Below, Sun Yuhao, who had been silent and sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight, suddenly disdain after hearing the sound coming from the direction of the private room. Smiled.
Finally, Sun Yuhao, who was still silent, bid: “Ten million!”
As soon as Sun Yuhao exported, he directly added 4 million.
Susie’s pretty face went white immediately. In this auction, her father gave her a total of 10 million yuan to let her take some good things depending on the situation.
But now, it is obviously not enough.
“Cici, don’t you forget it? How can we two women fight those rich and powerful?” Qiu Mucheng persuaded from the side.
“No, I can’t give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
“Last time, I have missed it, this time I must never miss it again!” Susie said stubbornly.

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