A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4739

He knew that there was a devil’s soul in this body.

However, looking at it with the naked eye, the one standing in front of him was still Chu Qitian, still his cousin of Ye Fan.

How could it be so easy to cut off blood ties.

Seeing his younger brother who had fought with him all his life, now at the end of his life, Ye Fan felt an unspeakable sadness and solemnity in his heart.

This is the adult world.

Although it is very uncomfortable, but still, I want to kill him.

“Qi Tian, rest in peace.”

“After you die, I will take out An Qi’s blue-eyed golden pupils and return them to An Qi.”

“As for you, I will keep your whole body.”

“Buried in the ancestral land of the Chu family.”

“This is brother, the last kindness to you.”

On the top of Kunlun, the wind is bleak.

The sound of the wind neighed, like the retention of the dead at a funeral. After the life-and-death battle, Ye Fan’s gaze also revealed a bit of softness and kindness.

That’s right, no matter how bad Chu Qitian is, he is still his younger brother.

With a heavy heart, Ye Fan waved a sword, and quietly slashed out, nailing Chu Qitian to the top of Kunlun.

“it’s over.”


“Brother Xiaofan, you have won!”

At the moment when the long sword pierced Chu Qitian’s throat, countless people burst into tears.

On the city wall of Yanjing, Xu Lei broke down in tears.

The red eyes were extremely red and swollen, but there was an unconcealable joy in his heart.

In the old house of the Chu family, Tang Yun and the old lady of Chu couldn’t help but burst into tears.

He did it.

He really did.

Tang Yun hugged Chu Lin excitedly, trembling and crying, “Xiao Lin, did you see that, he is your father, you should be proud of having such a great father.”



“Sister Yueyao, Ye Fan has won!”

In the country of India, Noah was overjoyed, cheering like a sparrow in June.

At this moment, many people around the world are celebrating.

Lei Laosan was filled with emotions, and Chen Ao burst into tears.

Chen Nan and He Yurou hugged each other excitedly.

The crisis seems to be completely over.

The battle ended completely with Ye Fan’s tragic victory.

However, while everyone was excited, a figure holding a sword quietly appeared under the fairy road.

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If there’s any other twist here, such as “Moon God vs Ye Fan” and whatnots, I’m outta here!!! I can’t keep reading a spiral sorta story that messes with my mood, after all I’ve got a country to take care of????????????

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