A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4741

“After Ye Fan injured her just now, we should take the opportunity to kill her.”

“In this case, there will be no such surprises.”

Aaron and others regretted it unceasingly.

As the saying goes, for the sake of the mountain, you will fall short.

Ye Fan tried his best to get the current situation.

But now, the great situation has been completely ruined.

Even Aaron and the others felt deep regret for Ye Fan.

And the truth is, as they say.

Now Ye Fan, after defeating Chu Qitian, is already at the end of his strength.

Now, even standing up, he has almost exhausted all his strength.

Don’t say that Luna is the closest to the powerhouse of God.

At this moment, even a martial arts master is enough to destroy all of Ye Fan’s defenses.

It is also because of seeing Ye Fan’s current state that the Yimofang is so reckless and arrogant.

The killing of Chu Qitian was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the strange demon.

It dragged the broken soul and attached itself to the moon god.

Of course, due to the damaged soul, the strange demon at this moment cannot achieve the deep fusion with Chu Qitian at all.

But it doesn’t matter, Luna has long been imprinted with a soul.

The current strange demon can still control the moon god with a move of his mind.

Obviously, Yimo’s last hole card is fatal to Ye Fan.

Not to mention, Ye Fan no longer has the strength to go through another fierce battle.

Even if there was, Ye Fan would not be able to kill his Yue’er at all.

This time, the strange demon really found Ye Fan’s weakness.

“You, so despicable”

Facing the arrogance of strange demons.

Ye Fan held his sword and stood there reluctantly.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the beautiful figure in front of him. His originally deep pupils were now full of anger.

He is not afraid of powerful enemies, but the most unacceptable thing for him is that this group of bastards attacked his relatives around him.

At this moment, Ye Fan can’t wait to peel off the strange demon’s skin and stretch his tendons.

But in the end, it was powerless.

“Ha ha”

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